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  1. Santos

    Upgrading VIN Limit

    I just generated a new code. I'll send you a message with it shortly
  2. Santos

    Upgrading VIN Limit

    I received your email to the forum address. Its best to post here. I've double checked, and your feature code is still valid. What happens when you go into network test on the VCI config?
  3. Santos

    Blocked Restricted IP Addresses? - Not New Forum S/W Related

    @steamship Our forum host inadvertently blocked your IP range. It has now been whitelisted and should now work.
  4. Santos

    New user

  5. Santos

    Shiny New Forum Software!

    Sorry about that. Testing notices for new users. it was only supposed to show up for users with zero posts and signed in . I'll revert.
  6. Santos

    Shiny New Forum Software!

    It's possible. I've updated "SWaP" to be case sensitive.
  7. Santos

    Can not ready?

    What was the year make and model of the car you plugged into? Non CAN based cars will say "can not ready."
  8. Santos


    At work i'm using unicomp . At home i have a Glorious GMMK with gateon red switches. Some assembly was required.
  9. Santos

    Shiny New Forum Software!

    it was done at the time i liked the post. should take a bit to update. :thumbs: edit: i forgot to enter the url path in the settings. it should load instantly now.
  10. Santos

    Forum Software Migration

    @Uwe Its in the permission set for the group. 10min is the default
  11. Santos

    Forum Software Migration

    @jyoung8607 i think i found the setting to allow signatures. Character limit was set to 0. I also found multiquote abilities and turned it on.
  12. Santos

    Forum Software Migration

    I checked your permissions and everything seems to be proper. Click on your name in the top blue bar. Is there an option there for signature?
  13. Santos

    Shiny New Forum Software!

    Its very weird. if you go into the thread again and click the link, it now works. I think the redirection plugin takes a bit to update when its clicked. the hyper link you provided looked to be modified with the redirect plugin: reported broken link...
  14. Santos

    Shiny New Forum Software!

    forum.php redirect is fixed. I need to dig further for the apostrophe bug
  15. Santos

    Forum Software Migration

    The forum migration seems to be pretty much done. Existing avatars will need to be reuploaded due to cropping/scaling between software version. Please let me know if you run into any issues.
  16. Santos

    RIP Ferdinand Piëch

  17. Santos

    VCDS Mobile APP and Android Q Beta

    Tested VCDS-Mobile and Android Q on a Pixel 3 XL. No Quirks, works as expected :thumbs:
  18. Santos

    VCDS Mobile APP and Android P Beta

    Under the Android P Beta , VCDS-Mobile App will display a message on first use Clicking [OK] will dismiss the warning and allow the software to function. This message will only appear once with a new install.
  19. Santos

    A few of us from RT went to China...

    Bruce, Yanping and I went to China to exhibit at the AMR expo in Beijing. Ross-Tech offered on-the-floor VCDS Demo/training sessions throughout the event. Our Chinese distributors worked the stand. Saw this A6L based VW outside the venue: We were invited to an...
  20. Santos

    Sales Tax Surprise!

    TLDR: Newegg didnt collect sales tax for purchases in CT. They instead turned over their sales data to the state Department of Revenue, which in turn, mailed out tax bills to all of Neweggs CT customers.