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  1. langyyyy

    Transporter T5 MFD control

    Hi members, Ive change my cluster without MFD to cluster with MFD (RED), and of course control too ( Reset button + 2 buttons on the top of wiper control ), but cant change info on display, still is showing time of ride with outside temp. Buttons not working... Where could be a problem...
  2. langyyyy

    Audi brake tool

    Hi, who know what tool need use for this 4 bolts? They have 10 edges ( audi a6 c7 2017) . Thanks a lot!
  3. langyyyy

    Audi a6 Headlight slave unit recode

    Hi, I have crashed car. I replace left slave unit and now need recode it. Right unit ( correct one ) have coding E01E00. When trying recode left unit from E01800 to E01E00 I have error - rejected .... How to change coding on this unit??? ( number of importer etc is not 0000 ) Thanks guys...
  4. langyyyy

    Audi a4 b9 USB port not working

    Hi, my USB ports stopped working ... :( I have fault U11B8 ....see autoscan for more info Thanks for help! Thursday,28,May,2020,16:59:11:51262 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x86 VCDS Version: Data version: 20200210 DS308.0 Dealer/Shop...
  5. langyyyy

    Audi a6 c7 2017 android auto

    Hi guys, I want ask you about Audi smartphone interface. I have on my car this option, but cant choose it ( its grey ). So I use vcds to activate it just in adaptation from mirrorlink choose activate. Now I can choose from menu audi smartphone interface, but there is no phone to connect. Is...
  6. langyyyy

    Golf VII rear video camera - no video

    Hi members. I have Golf VII 2015 without RVC (5G6 827 469 F). I bought used RVC (5G0 827 469 F) with harness. First I install the RVC. Next connect all conectors. Then I connect two VIDEO wires to infotainment unit ( 5G0 035 819 A ) .....Black (pin1) - to unit PIN 12 and transparent wire...
  7. langyyyy

    Audi a4 b8 UDS protocol camshaft adjustment

    Hi members, I have audi a4 b8 2.0tdi. I need know the camshaft adjustment value, but cant find it in list...
  8. langyyyy

    Audi A3 8V5 2017

    Hello, Need wiring for 5Q0 907 561 G front acc sensor (J428)... What colors to pins. (8 pin) I have on car 8 wires, so need connect all 8 PINS. Thank you.
  9. langyyyy

    VW Phaeton 2006 Electrical Problem

    Hallo members, I need your help. I have VW Phaeton 2006 , when I bought it consumer battery was drain so I bought a new one, but battery is still extremly draining. I cant find in VCDS battery replacement procedure option, so probably is not needed. On car I can not connect with vcds to the...
  10. langyyyy

    Crankshaft sensoring history

    Hello vcds members :) Sorry if I am in wrong category.. I want ask about some information... I am doing a project to the college and need analyze crankshaft sensoring from past to today. I am looking for information about crankshaft sensoring on combustion engine from the first time ever...
  11. langyyyy

    VW Polo 6R 1.2tdi CFWA - Injection advance

    Hi, I need set injection advance angle (Start of injection) on engine CFWA. Have somebody what angle need to set? Thank you.
  12. langyyyy

    Audi A6 2008 TCM MODULE replacement

    Audi A6 2008 TCM replacement Hi everybody, I have a faulty TCM in audi a6 2008 (engine code: ASB). I need replace it to a new (used) TCM. Is any solution to re-program it? What I have to do? Have some steps or something? Thanks!
  13. langyyyy

    Audi A5 window surround

    Hallo guys, I need paint body of audi A5 Sportback 5D 2014 in back, but I need remove chrome surround of window. I dont know, how to remove it... Any help? Thank You.
  14. langyyyy

    Audi a6 4F 2007 regeneration

    Hallo everyone, after regeneration DPF from wiki site i cant start a car. In fault codes list I can see 01314 Ecu no communication.... What I have to do now? Fuses are ok!
  15. langyyyy

    J724 coding - audi a6 4F0

    Hi everybody, I need programm a new module j724 of turbocharger. How can I do this? I have VAS-PC.
  16. langyyyy

    Programming the new ECM of Electric Steering Lock on Audi a6

    Hallo everybody. I need help. I have audi A6 3.0tdi ,2006 quattro. I have to change Electronic Control Module of Electric Steering Lock. How can I program it? Autoscan Friday,27,November,2015,15:57:53:51262 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x86 VCDS Version:
  17. langyyyy

    DPF regeneration engine BSL

    Hi guys, I have a problem. I have vw passat 2008 1.9tdi with DPF Engine code BLS (topic name is fault). This car cant make a automatic regeneration..The light dpf is ON and I cant make regeneration, car is still showing dpf light ON. The pressure sensor is changed. DPF was cleaned! Nothing...
  18. langyyyy

    Passat C3 Key programming

    Hello everybody, I dont have any keys from car (I lost it) and I dont know how to programing new key. When I embed new key into the ignition, dashboard is off. How can I program new key? It is possible?Thanks.
  19. langyyyy

    Passat 3C ESCL

    Hi, I need help, I have to change ESCL on passat c3 2005. But when I changed old ESCL to new, is nothing to do. What I have to do? Scan here [CZE]: Pondeli,23,Cerven,2014,16:23:49:51262 VCDS verze: SVO 11.11.6 Verze dat: 20130122...