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    Tiguan 2010 MFSW retrofit

    That might be the case. RHD has ZF Gen3 rack. Here is the full autoscan in case it's helpful Friday,25,December,2015,19:53:05:02396 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x64 VCDS Version: Data version: 20150904 VIN: WVGZZZ5NZDW025093 License...
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    Tiguan 2010 MFSW retrofit

    Here is a factory fitted MFSW in a Tiguan 5N: Address 16: Steering wheel (J527) Labels: 5K0-953-569.clb Part No SW: 5K0 953 507 AH HW: 5K0 953 549 B Component: Lenks.Modul 008 0080 Revision: -------- Serial number: 90422LH3000R0 Coding: 188A140000 Shop #: WSC...
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    ACC Retrofit problems Passat B7 1.6TDI engine

    Ah right fair enough. Yes Siemens might not be possible.
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    ACC Retrofit problems Passat B7 1.6TDI engine

    I believe ECU needs to be modified. Have seen this done successfully in a CJA 2.0TDI. If you can read out the ECU using a suitable bench tool I might be able to direct you to someone who can make the necessary changes.
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    Retrofitting Active Info Display in Golf 7

    I believe there is a coding option in 13 radar for 'FPW' however I don't think this is in the label file. And I don't have a suitable car to check. Maybe someone else can confirm/deny this?
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    Retrofit Lane-Assist in Passat B6

    Yes 3AA EPB. If you already have the 3AA switch then you are good to swap over the 3AA ABS
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    Retrofit Lane-Assist in Passat B6

    3AA ABS swap uses the same brake lines. However it needs the newer 3-way rocker style switch for EPB unless you can get to Moscow to have the ABS software modified to allow use of the older B7 style push button.
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    2H Amarok Cruise, highline cluster and MFSW Retrofit

    Hi All, This is a bit of a naughty post from me, apologies in advance... I had to rush off so make full admissions that I haven't yet done the basic 1st lot of checks with respect to confirming wiring etc I did do continuity checks between the steering connector plugs at pins T41/26 and T41/29...
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    B6 projector retrofit

    Please feel free to delete if this is not really appropriate as it doesn't involve VCDS at all.. However I wouldn't have gotten to the point where I would have been willing to try this sort of thing if not for meeting the great people on this forum. You've all encouraged me to roll my sleeves...
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    Unable to perform steering angle sensor calibration

    Hi All, Just wanted to share something that I ran into yesterday in case it assists anyone else. AD1 Tiguan 2016. Battery was disconnected for 5mins during some maintenance on the sunroof. (no basic settings). After the sunroof basic settings were completed, noticed that a bunch of other...
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    B6 Passat DQ500 retrofit project

    Hi All, The mechatronics in my 2009 R36 is starting to fail. It's an older revision that's not worth reconditioning. So rather than replace the mechatronics with a new revision, and renewing the clutches, I'm considering instead going for a DQ500 retrofit. Mainly for durability and also for a...
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    Passat B7 ACC retrofit issue

    Hi All, Have run into an issue with a B7 ACC retrofit and am looking for any ideas to try. We installed an ABS unit from an Alltrack that had factory ACC. Flashed to sw 042 and coded up OK. No faults. Bled and adapted, tested OK. ACC stalk installed. Radar installed and wired up to new...
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    Superb 3 Xenon high retrofit

    Hi all, I had a guy visit me today having installed the high version of HID headlights (with rollers and shutters) into his Mk3 Superb. Previously it had regular swiveling Xenon headlights. All lighting functions work Ok however AFS and therefor DLA do not work. Have had a look through the...
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    2014 Golf R missing drive select modes after MIB upgrade

    Hi All, Just thought I would share something that has taken a few months to eventually nut out. Thanks as usual go to Golfi_vend for suggesting the procedure. :thumbs: 2014 Golf R that originally had the MIB1 and 6.5 inch screen. Retrofitted MIB 2.5 and 9.2 inch screen along with active info...
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    Powered Tailgate minor issue

    Hi All, I have a B6 Passat variant with factory fitted powered tailgate. I can't be certain this was the trigger however at one point someone fairly forcibly closed the boot not realising that it was powered. The tailgate still opens and closes however once the motors are fully up, the...
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    T5.1 Steering wheel retrofit airbag igniter fault

    Hi All, I recently retrofitted cruise control to a T5.1 along with a Mk6 Golf R sports steering wheel, brand new airbag and a Discover Media. Tested everything was working and sent the owner on his way. He had to drive for a few hours to go and pick some things up, then he said that he was...
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    Is there a PQ CECM that supports HBA?

    Hi All, Is anyone aware of a CECM part number that would support High Beam Assist? I am going to retrofit the B8 A5 camera to my PQ46 B6 Passat for the lane assist and traffic sign recognition features. While it would be cool to also have HBA, I'm not going to do a BCM retrofit just to get it...
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    Missing adaptation channel in BCM after changes

    Hi All, Was doing a few tweaks in a mk7.5 Golf. I tried to enabled Dynamic Light Assist initially. I realised that the led light module did no support it so tried instead to enable high beam assist. I was still getting a fault when pushing on the high beam stalk so I decided to revert the...
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    RVC camera issues with Discover Media retrofit

    Hi All, Just thought I'd post this in case it helps anyone else....apologies if this is already general knowledge. I installed a PQ MIB2 Discover Media into my wife's Mk2 2011 Skoda Octavia. The car had an RNS510 factory fitted, and an aftermarket RVC with with RGBS converter. The RVC was...
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    7P0 telephone retrofit no A2DP functionality

    7P6 telephone retrofit no A2DP functionality I had a guy come to me with a B7 Passat. He had swapped over the 9w2 bluetooth module for a 9ZA, that had been installed in a Polo (so had a cradle). He hadn't been able to pair his phone because the BT module was expecting a dock. Changed the...