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    2018 Golf GTI Electrical issues

    Did a rescan include you doing a full 'clear all DTC'S'? first? still think you have a power or earthing issue somewhere. Deactivate production mode in 19 gateway> adaptations> production mode
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    2018 Golf GTI Electrical issues

    Even with production mode active you would not get all this no comms fault. Have you checked all ground/earthing connections that are accessible in the engine bay? Check all fuses and use Erwin etc to access wring diagram data to show you where other 'main' fuses are located and also...
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    Car dead after wet snowfall

    Could the water be coming in from a failed windscreen seal which is causing the water to run down behind the dash electronics into the wiring. The volvo xc60 and some others had the same issue and was a nightmare tracing faults
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    Skoda SuperB 2019 After Crash wont turn ignition on

    If the airbags have blown the battery blow off on the +ve terminal will have blown too. You can out a temp link on there so you can get power to the engine etc but it still allows power to instruments etc. Check under the cover on the +ve terminal and check the fuses. Defo power issue as you...
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    Retrofit electric trunk lid audi a6 4g 2016: match button encoding and basic settings

    IDE04565-MAS00162-Warning signal when closing with button-automatic,active ,1 IDE04565-MAS01870-Warning signal when closing with button-Button for rear lid unlocking in rear lid,not active ,1 IDE04565-MAS01871-Warning signal when closing with button-Rear lid lock button in luggage...
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    Retrofit electric trunk lid audi a6 4g 2016: match button encoding and basic settings

    Warning sound is not on by default but can be switched on with vcds.
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    Airbag Light On Instrument Cluster NEVER Lights

    Common thing to do by dodgy repairers is to remove the airbag light from the cluster so it never illuminates as they want to replace the ecu and even worse case critical airbag parts Open the cluster and check the bulb is there or if there is tape etc over the bulb if its led
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    Audi A6 C7 and door open warning buzzer

    understood. Thanks .
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    Audi A6 C7 and door open warning buzzer

    Will this work on pre & post facelift cars? Mines a 2012 and i dont have channel 98 ?
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    2012 A6 4G side assist and Engine timer fault

    Been fitting a new sub the other day and had the battery terminal on and off whilst doing it. So thought i'd clear some fault codes and am stuck with the 'P150 engine off timer performance' code which will not clear, and why its listed in the 08 HVAC module is unknown as ive seen the P150 code...
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    Hi ive already got a Hex CAN cable and am a verified user on here, so my question is if i was to buy a used HEX V2 unlimited vin version from a friend will i still be able to post scans, get help on the forums or are you 'blacklisted' as i am not the original buyer? thanks
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    Audi 4G Air Suspension (Request)

    hey guys, anyone with a 2011 onwards A6 4G platform with air suspension? I need the admaps for channels 09 central electrics, 17 instruments and 46 central conv and also the green engineering menu settings so i can check what settings there are to do with air suspension as im nearly done...
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    Audi 4G Air suspension

    Planning on retrofitting this to an A6 4G in the next couple of months so needed a little info on the levelling sensors the air suspension uses and those that the headlight system uses. The headlight uses a 3 pin sensor, 2 of them mounted front left and rear left wired directly to the headlight...
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    Anyone done the Audi 4G dynamic indicator retrofit?

    Hi, Has anyone had the face lift dynamic indicators retrofit done? The tail lights im referring to. I have the replacement BCM being fitted in the next couple of weeks as i know mine has the older software. What i need is the adaptation values for module 46 so i can compare them. Appreciate...