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    Upgrading VIN Limit

    >700ms is pretty bad latency in the worst case. What is your internet like, is it 4G wireless? Do you have different internet you could try? Also try the feature code a couple times, you might be having packet loss that's causing your issue.
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    Problems updating ASAM data OTA

    Have you tried this process: [Clear ROD Files] in mobile, do Autoscan and ignore all download prompts, connect to PC and [Check for Updates] with VCIConfig, then try Autoscan again?
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    Problems updating ASAM data OTA

    Can you try updating from mobile over a regular infrastructure network and see if that helps? What is the history of this car, was the immo swapped or defeated? That might be causing you issues.
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    Smith Audi A5 T8 2.0TDI 2012

    Hmm, that's a really rare one. It means the download is getting corrupted. What is your internet connection like? Do you have some kind of nannyware like firewall or antivirus? I would try disabling that and trying the update again. I would guess that this is either something to do with...
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    Problems updating ASAM data OTA

    Can you post a network test from the options pages in VCDS-Mobile, so I can see what your connection is like? When you say you can't use Mobile, do you mean it doesn't have asam data, or are you having other issues?
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    New Improved VCDS-Mobile Assistant Android App

    Now announcing that the new, improved VCDS-Mobile Assistant android app is available, and can be found here: QR Code: Changelog: V0.032: Better support for latest phones More reliable auto-detect scanning...