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    2019 AW1 polo Gti support?

    I’ve been away from here for a while and while I’ve been absent I have also upgraded my polo 6R Diesel to 2019 AW1 polo gti and I’m looking to upgrade my existing VCDS to the newer V2 with up to 10 licenses. However before I do decide to upgrade my VCDS I’d like to ask what if any support is...
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    Vehicle not supported

    I just bought myself a new 2019 (AW) polo Gti 2.0 litre 200ps, and as soon as I could when I got it home I hooked up my usb Hex+can cable to do a scan to give me a baseline for the future, and also to tweek the curtesy flash, as I’ve not used VCDS recently I updated the software to the latest...
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    Cent Elec code 03302

    As a pre cursor to having the emissions mods done tomorrow I`ve scanned the car (R6 polo) for a before and after scan, but its thrown a fault code up on the door(s) and I`m wondering if anyone can shed some light as to what this new fault is/was (which I`ve now cleared). The only other thread I...
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    G250 steering sensor fault polo N9

    hi guys can someone have a look at my scan and suggest a course of action, mil light is on and the car is drivable there is an old fault in the cent electric but I believe that relates to a new battery being fitted & not coded Saturday,03,December,2016,14:43:42:50070 VCDS -- Windows Based...
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    Extension cables

    As a new user I've noticed that there are a couple of options for extension cables for 3-5 metre lengths to connect the VCDS hex-can to my laptop, USB2 or OBD2 being the ones in question. My question is which is preferable? And is there any limitation regarding max length?