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  1. Mike@Gendan

    VW Scirocco loose diagnostic port?

    We're posting this on behalf of one of our customers. He has a HEX-V2 and a VW Scirocco. He's finding that the interface feels loose in the diagnostic socket, and says just the weight of the cable can pull the interface out if the cable is moved. Our first reaction was that the interface is...
  2. Mike@Gendan

    Navigation Links

    I've used a lot of forums in my time and something I've always found useful is if the section navigation links at the top of a thread (highlighted): ....are repeated at the bottom of the page, so when you get to the last post in a thread, you don't have to scroll right back to the top of the...
  3. Mike@Gendan

    The Boris Johnson thread

    So it's finally happened. BoJo has been elected as a the new UK Prime Minister, so we have an American president whose name is a British euphemism for a fart, and a British PM whose name is an American euphemism for penis. Blond-haired fart and penis running the world. It got me thinking...
  4. Mike@Gendan

    Permission on likes links

    Really petty and unimportant I know, but if you get more than 5 likes on a post, it lists 5 of them by name and "x others": But if I click on the "others" link, rather than listing the likes it gives me this: Is that a known (and fixable) issue?