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    Turn off the MMI display on startup for B9 A4?

    Hi -- looking to see if it is even possible to turn off the MMI display on a 2018 B9 A4? I know I can hit button but most often I would like for it to stay off when I start the car. I've gone through modules 09/17/46 etc where I thought there might be something but I'm at a loss. I've searched...
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    B8 A4 (2014) Headlight Washers?

    I have a 2014 B8.5 A4 with installed headlight washers. VAGCOM references Central Electronics for the headlight washer delay (Adaptation Channel 25) but it has no effect on the duration the wiper stock has to be activated before the headlight washers come on. Has anyone else reported issues...
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    Passenger side mirror dipping with reversing

    From Enabling reverse mirror tilt on cars without memory seats: Go to module 52 Door Elect, Pass., Long Coding, Byte 4. If the byte has value 40 (cars without electrically folding mirrors), change it to 4C. If the byte has value 50 (cars...
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    Default Coding for 2014 A4 Cent Elect and Insturments

    Just purchased a new 2014 A4 and am looking at changing a bunch of the settings. Before I do it though I need to figure out some of the default settings as they don't make sense to me. The default coding for the 09- Cent. Elect. is here...
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    2014 A4 Parking Brake Security Access

    Modified thread to cover just the 53-Parking Brake Module. Just for information if someone else has this issue. Security access doesn't seem to work (no bubble). Dana suggested different code (see below) which was accepted. Labels are missing however and I wasn't able to generated the...
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    Old user, new account

    Hi Decided to get an account for more informed discussions for my new 2014 A4. Car is less than a week old and based on my weekend autoscan there are already a few "discrepancies" in the coding (settings for windshield washer level, brake wear warning, light/rain sensor and "air suspension"...