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    Audi RS3 TPMS malfunction

    What are the possible settings 0, 1 & 2 ? I'm not shure what for a setting has which number for the ATE ABS, because the description is from a TRW ABS that don't use numbers for the same settings. What are the iTPMS learning values for the wheels? When did this error first ocurred?
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    Audi RS3 TPMS malfunction

    In the adaption values are this 2 settings: IDE04939-Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS),2 ,1 (default, sensitive, insensitive) IDE07006-Tire pressure monitoring display: tire selection,1 ,1 (normal, unknown or SST-tires) They are both 2 for a S3 8V (you can try SA-Code: 20103...
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    Audi RS3 TPMS malfunction

    Try to create the maps (measuring & adaption values) from control module 03 (ABS) and post it, so i can take a look.
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    Audi RS3 TPMS malfunction

    I would recommend to use the org. RS3 rims and tires with the different (front/rear) size to exclude this as problem. The iTPMS use only the information from the WSS to calculate and compare the tire deflation (actions like accelerate and braking restrict the function, because it have an...
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    2010 VW EOS No Power Steering

    Not realy, it's only a virtual sensor in the J500 modul of the ZF Gen3 steering rack ;). Rdw lhd Passat use the APA steering rack (5N1) w/o intern G85. Rhd and nar Passat has a gen3 steering rack.
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    2009 Golf Steering angle sensor G85

    This DTC in 03 ABS is because of the wrong (gen2 index -L / FW:1806) steering rack that only support DSR1 and not DSR2 (gen2 index -M / FW:1901) that's required for the MK60EC1. This gen2 (-L) steering rack was never installed in a car with MK60EC1! Yes, they are different and must be swapped...
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    09' Seat Leon FR, ABS Coding lost

    Because the coding from JMR is wrong (tmc size, brake size & edl engine torque), i will try to give you a correct one. with iTPMS button: 143B601209230003280F06E9902000413400 w/o iTPMS button: 143B601209230003280F06E9902000413000 @JMR can you try to select the correct brake parts size and...
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    Audi RS3 TPMS malfunction

    Do you use the org. RS3 rim and tire size (different front and rear)? Maybe a problem with the WSS or wheel bearing magnetic encoder (im not shure if you can see it with the wheel speed in vcds, because of the slow data rate).
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    Audi RS3 TPMS malfunction

    If you clear the DTC, how long, how fast, etc can you drive, till it comes up again. What does the learning values of the iTPMS show (if you drive)? I think we need some more info to pinpoint the error.
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    Skoda Octavia MK2 ABS MK60EC1 longcode lost

    If the Octavia don't have a iTPMS button, this coding fits. The coding of the Esp-button function is a bit different, but some old Octavia seems to have it like this (there is not realy a right or wrong setting for this, it's more how you like it).
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    Seat Leon ABS Long Coding (MK60EC1)

    OK, i don't counting the bytes i only see it's uneven. (18byte -> 19 byte must still be done, as i write) I see you have iTPMS, you can now use the better NIRA module instead of DSS+ if you like: 113B401209220002880E02EB90200042B60000 There are so many informations about MK60EC1 coding in this...
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    Seat Leon ABS Long Coding (MK60EC1)

    Your posted coding is missing one 0 at the end and you need to add one byte with h00, because your "new" ABS use 19byte instead of 18byte coding. 113B401209220002880E02EB902000423000
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    Seat Ibiza abs pump long coding

    It's possible, but it doesn't have to be, because the ABS can't check if all things (for example the size of the brake parts) of your coding are correct for your car.
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    Skoda Octavia MK2 ABS MK60EC1 longcode lost

    Vacuum sensor is only for 1.2TSI, 1.4TSI & 2.0i engine WITH dsg or at (and not 1.9tdi w/o dsg).
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    Seat Leon FR (1P) 1K0907379AD ABS Module Coding (MK60EC1)

    I'm not Jef, but i recommend to use a -BL or better a -CC ABS. If you have the "new" ABS i can help you with the coding.
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    Jetta 1.4 hybrid ACC

    I don't think there are Jetta Hybrid PQ25.
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    Jetta 1.4 hybrid ACC

    Yes, but w/o F2S (the mk60ec1 don't support it properly)
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    2009 Audi A3 ABS Coding (MK60EC1)

    I see no problem with the abs coding, it seems correct. I don't know why you have no basic setting / adaption for the steering angle sensor done, but maybe this could be the cause for your problem. Address 03: ABS Brakes (-----) Labels:. 1K0-907-379-60EC1F.clb Part No SW: 1K0 907 379...
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    ABS long Coding needed for Frankencar (MK60EC1)

    Your VIN is from a Scirocco, please check this.
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    MK20 & MK60 from Golf4 w/o canbus?

    Is it possible that the ABS ECU support CAN-BUS and K-Line? I read that the diagnostic in all Golf4 use the K-line?