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    MK20 & MK60 from Golf4 w/o canbus?

    Does somebody know if the MK60 (1C0907375L/1C0907379L) or MK20 (1J0907375Q/1J0907379P) from the Golf mk4 will work w/o the canbus for a retrofit in a Golf mk2? This are ABS w/o ASR & ESP function, so i think the canbus (and steering wheel sensor) should not be required:confused:.
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    MK60EC1 LBL

    Here is a LBL for the MK60EC1 that i created: 1K0-907-379-60EC1F.LBL (last update June 18. 2022) You can copy it to the "...\Labels\User" directory if you have a MK60EC1 in your car (LCode2.0+ is required). It contains nearly all MVB, Adapt.Ch., Basic settings & Coding, because the org...