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  1. Fitzy's vdub collection

    Hex-net Stalling not working

    Ok! So, I am having many issues with scan tools connecting and communicating which is very frustrating! Because this is happening. I can't measure any value blocks, reset address's or recode anything. My Snapon Solus Edge will allow me to read fault codes and that's about all. My vcds hex-net...
  2. Fitzy's vdub collection

    Linking hex net using iPhone 12 Autoscan issues

    Hey Guys, New user first time posting! So go easy on me. Not overly experienced with vcds, as I just purchased my new Hex Net off Ross Tech to try use via my iPhone 12 in hope of fixing a lot of coding errors on my Vw's. I have watched as many user videos on YouTube as I possibly could before...