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  1. DeniBrameta

    AUDI A8 3.0 tfsi not working properly

    hi everyone iam a workshop working on this Audi a8 3.0 tfsi the car is not working properly.I have clean and changet the the throttle body of supercharger J808.soon as start the car works good after 1 min came start to shake and on the dashboard appears epc mil.after I scan the car they jump...
  2. DeniBrameta

    Skoda Octavia Dpf and Egt S2B1 problem

    Hello,just bought this Skoda Octavia 1.6Tdi and I am having problem with my dpf and egt sensor.First off with my dpf it says soot acculumation 59.99% but my car drives fine a bit slow but it passes 3000rpm and I don't get e dpf regen it says after 20min abortet for safety reason and for my egt...