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    Parking aid ECU coding

    Hello, I have a Mk7 Golf in for parking sensors not working. The optical parking sensor has been retrofitted to the car at some point in the cars history but have no information on this. I have found that buzzer section of the ECU has burn't out. I have replaced the ECU with a brand new item...
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    Passat ABS coding (2007 3C)

    Hello, vehicle has come to me from another garage that has replaced the parking brake ECU but have forgotten to write down the ABS coding. Could someone please tell me what my code should be from the auto scan. Many thanks. David. Tuesday,11,April,2017,18:44:29:58506 VCDS -- Windows Based...
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    Audi S8 immobiliser issue

    Hello, I have a 2000 Audi S8 which has an immobiliser 3 system. The instrument cluster has failed, meaning it will not power up when cold and the vehicle will not start. I have tried getting it repaired but apparently it is un-repairable. I tried getting a second hand dash coded but could find...