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  1. mattjj65

    2006 Mk5 Golf GTI Boost Problem?

    Hi All, Our new Golf seems to be lacking power, I'm no expert so could someone please tell me if the turbo measuring block numbers look ok? Saturday,08,January,2022,09:49:06:04739 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) HEX-V2 CB: 0.4555.4...
  2. mattjj65

    MK5 GTI DSG Issues.

    Hi All, We have a new MK5 Golf GTI in the family. I have purchased one for my teenage daughter after she wrote off the previous MK6 118 TSI. She only got it yesterday and it seemed to drive fine at the start but had a bit of a glitch when changing up from 2nd to 3rd, it was barely noticeable...
  3. mattjj65

    MK6 Golf Horn and MFSW not Working.

    Hi, I have a problem with my daughters MK6 Golf 1.4 TSI. The horn and buttons on the MFSW aren't working. I tried changing out the clock spring as that was what seemed to be the suggested course of action, but that failed to fix the problem. I have since checked the circuit diagram and...
  4. mattjj65

    Verified but Unable to Post Threads.

    Hi, I have received an email last week to say my account is verified but I am still unable to post threads in the Car Repair Support section. Please advise if there is something else I need to do. Cheers, Matt.