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  1. nacg8or

    Mk7 GSW disabling DRL

    I am trying to disable the DRLs but unlike my Mk5 Rabbit where there was a bit you could uncheck in the 09-Cent. Elect. controller, I don't see that here. Is there any way of doing it on the new Mk7s? I also noticed, when looking through the 17-Instruments controller that Byte 4, Bit 7 is...
  2. nacg8or

    '06 Rabbit Failed emissions

    I couldn't find anything that matched what I'm experiencing for the platform I have, so here goes. About the car. '06 Rabbit as the title says. I have a few mods but all of them have been done for some time and the car passed emissions with them before (UM stage 1 tune, catback, P-flo intake). I...