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    Park assist module in 2020 aw polo

    where is the park assist module located in 2020 aw polo?
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    ABS coding 2013 audi a3 8v

    car has had ,new engine, engine ecu ,speedo and ,central electronics module( no 9)and key from same car,all these parts came from the same car which was a breaker,also has had svm performed, but has not helped abs which has 0000ect for coding and won't take any codes,i don't have original code...
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    Audi a1 2017, hidden fuse taped up in loom

    does anyone know the amp size of this sneaky fuse, it says 16p on it and is reasonably well hidden taped up in the loom, its on a main red cable coming from fusebox ,its covered in black rubber and has a protective plastic box around it, you have to cut open the loom to find it
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    Etka parts catalogue, any way to get it?

    any reliable links to download etka ?,thanks
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    Abs coding following key,engine engine ecu,speedo and central electric module swap

    Hi,I have purchased a hex v2 from gendan and registered it tonight,I am a car dealer not a mechanic Ok,long story short,2013 damaged repairable a3 8v without keys chassis no wauzzz8v6ea039885. Also a cat b breaker chassis no wauzzz8vxfa071465 ,both cars are 1.2tfsi I have fitted the engine and...
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    can not ready,some times,random

    hi,new member here,genuine ross tech cable hex & can hc811549 rev b marked from ,serial number on vcds screen [redacted] ,some times,more often than not it fails to communicate,clicking test when its not working ,it says can not ready and yes i am using it on can cars,rs3 2016,polo...