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    Audi rs3 vibration from rear problem

    hey all car has no faults in vcds my problem: when i drive on comfort everything is ok, but when i put the quattro to dynamic (or drive in dynamic on d mode) and i drive on low rpm gears 4-7 i can feel on 1500-1800 rpm some vibration (its not all the time) and i sure its come from the rear...
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    Audi rs3 2018 steering wheel

    I i have audi rs3 2018 and i want to know if i can make with the vcds the steering wheel basic setting or adaption for the sensor that bring it again to be straight Thanks
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    Audi rs3 2016 engine

    Hey i just want to know Can i do reset to the engine software or basic setting Or its just for the gearbox
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    Steering wheel clunk

    Hey all I have a clunk from the steering wheel just when i turn on the car and in the first wheel sterring move i can feel some clunk but then everything normal Audi checked the blots and everting fine Idea ? the car is audi rs3 2016 And no fault codes
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    Audi rs3 2016 gas pedal

    Hey all I cann feel sometimes on comfort mode that the gas pedal sometimes hard and to high and sometimes its soft Any idea I checked and no fault codes Thanks.
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    Audi rs3 fault message vcds

    hey guys i get this error : 1 Fault Found: 8531970 - Quiescent Current U1406 00 [008] - Too High [Ruhestrom oberer Grenzwert überschritten] Intermittent - Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 00000001...
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    Audi rs3 dq500 basic setting

    Hey If i do the basic setting i need to do some more things before ?? Beacuse i see there alot of things to do