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    Audi Lane Change Assist - Automatic Calibration Not Possible

    Hi All, I have retrofitted (with some help) the Lane Change Assist to an Audi S5 (2017) and I had it calibrated last week and it has been working fine but then today it came up with an error on the dash saying it was not available. On 3C it has an error saying Automatic Calibration Not...
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    Police / Security mode - Engine running unable to move from Park without keys

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know if there is an equivalent setting to what they call "secure idle" on the fords for an Audi S5? It basically allows you to have the car running but in Park and it does not allow gears to be engaged if the key is not in the car. For vehicles with roof and warning lights...
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    Park Assist PLA 2017 Audi S5 (B9)

    Hi All, As we had the bumper off of my S5 while adding the 360 AreaView Camera (which I love) I decided I may as well add the extra sensors and siring for the PLA Park Assist and add the button. That all went fairly easily but the coding section of the manual from k-electronic was vague to say...
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    Retrofit Audi S5 massage seats into a A5

    Hi All, I'm trying to get some Audi S5 seats to work properly in an Audi A5, both are B9's and we have ran the LIN and extra power wires and added the adaptions against 5F but we get no display on the MMI when adjusting the lumbar etc so cannot change the lumbar, massage or seat side settings...
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    Auto Close on Rain - Audi S5/A5 B9

    Hi Guys, Anyone know if this is possible on an S5 B9? I seen post saying not but then I have seen posts saying it's been enabled on an A1 and an RS3 recently so maybe it is? Cheers, Andy
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    Memory Seats Retrofit S5 F5 B9 - SPORTBACK

    Hi All, Has anyone done a memory seat retrofit on a S5 Sportback? On the Coupe this is considerably easier as the memory seats module is in place already for the rear entry, on a Sportback though they leave it off, not something I realised till already installing the buttons and new trim! Is...
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    Adaptive Cruise Control - A5 S5 B9 F5

    Hi Guys, Well I have done a few bits and bobs along the way but now I am being a bit brave! I'm having the Side Assist radars, the 360 Camera and the Memory Seat buttons put in soon and I managed to find a seller in Germany with the Stalks and Radar Units for the ACC, the price was good so I...