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    ECU reflash (Battery Charger Question)

    Vehicle: Audi A3 1.9 TDI 77 kW BKC, EDC16U1 (03G 906 016 J ver.5497) I'm getting ready for EDC16U1 reflashing with factory .sgo file and with Abrites Avdi tool and software. To stabilize voltage and supply the power to battery I will use Flash-mem 60 with flash mode. I don't know which option...
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    A3 8p 2004 - 16502 - Engine Coolant Temp. Sensor (G62)

    After disconnecting and connecting G62 sensor I can't erase 16502 fault code, also cooling fans are working all the time. Maybe I damaged ect sensor while disconnecting it... Engine coolant temperature on dash panel don't rise above 50, and in mvb ecu temperature rises to about 60. I don't...
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    A3 8p 2004 - how to test pre-glow period

    Audi A3 8p1 2004 1.9 tdi Glow plugs are new Bosch. After ignition on orange glow led lights very short on cold temperatures below 5. VCDS: no fault codes, ignition on ->mvb 12 = status: no pre-glow, pre-glow period: 0 seconds. How to log mvb 12 from ignition off to ignition on? I ask this...
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    Address 17 Instruments

    Hello, what these mvb mean: Address 17: Instruments (8P0 920 900 D) 13:50:38 Group 006 580 ml Min. (M2) Oil Level in Service Interval 120 ml Max. (M2) Oil Level in Service Interval 550 ml Long Time Average Oil Level Dif. Closed Engine Hood Contact
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    Audi A3 8p - current draw through interior lighting

    Hello to everybody.... I have two issues on this vehicle: Audi A3 8p 1.9 tdi 77 kW BKC 2004 - 1) I have current draw (leak) of 100 mA on interior lighting circuit, everything off. I think this isn't normal and battery sometimes can't start engine because of voltage drop when car wasn't working...
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    A4 1.9 tdi AFN 81kW 1997 - how to read wiring diagram for air mass meter (G70)

    I need to test maf sensor connector with multimeter. In wiring diagram, on G70 - air mass sensor, there are five wires: 1 - it goes to EDC (J248) -> I don't know what it is (12 V supply, 5 V signal input or signal output, or something else)? 6 - also goes to EDC (J248) -> I don't know what...
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    A4 1.9 TDI,2006, BRB 85 kW PD engine - high fuel consumption

    Hello, I need some help and advice. This is car from my friend and he have a problem with a car, high fuel consumption (10 liters/100 km). He replaced camshaft, injector o-rings and tandem pump. Camshaft was worn and tandem pump leaking. Now when everything was repaired problem with high fuel...
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    2004 8P A3 Xenon

    On my Audi a3 8p 2004 I have a problem with flashing high-beam lights. Only works flash/high-beam lights with xenon when they work. In VCDS I have two faults: 01495 - bulb for high-beams left M30 010 - open or short to plus and also for right bulb M32. Xenon lights are 8P0 941 003 AA and 8P0...