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    2016 Passat NMS Lane Assist

    Hello, Anyone know how to factory reset the lane Assist on a 2016 NMS Passat? The system now pulls me into the wrong lane or has he bouncing all over. I made a few changes in VCDS and don’t know how to get it from acting this way. Thank you in advance
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    Remote start NMS Passat

    Anyone know how to extend the run time on the remote start on a 2016 Passat?
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    2017 Tiguan kessy

    Hello, The 2017 Tiguan kessy system has a feature that unlocks the doors as you approach the car. Does anyone know if I could add this to my 2016 Passat NMS SEL? Thank you in advance. Paul
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    Passat tail lights on with DRL

    Hello, Anyone know how to enable the tail lights on my 2016 Passat NMS to be on as rear DRL's? Like Scandinavian mode? I had this on my MK7 GTI. Thank you 😊
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    What is standstill mode?

    Hello, I was playing around with VCDS and saw an option for standstill mode under A5- frt sens. Anyone know what it's for? My car is a 2016 Passat NMS. Thanks, Paul.
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    2016 Passat NMS

    Hello, anyone know how to enable the taillight to also be DRL's? Like the Scandinavian running lights? Also anyone know how to make the front LED DRL dim with the turn signal on instead of turn off? Thank you, Paul
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    MK7 GTI Bluetooth issue

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to see if anyone can help me code my car to keep the Bluetooth working when having a phone conversation and turning off the car? My MK6 would keep the conversation on the cars Bluetooth till I opened the car door. My 2015 GTI sends the call right to the phone...