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    MIB2 PQ Adaptation- Disable Screen Auto-Dim

    I’m surprised I can’t find this setting. I’d like to disable auto dim of the screen when the headlights are on. The basic user-accessible display brightness and day/night/automatic settings have no effect, and while I found some adaptations that look promising, they all require a security...
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    5G0035953D- CarPlay enabled USB sockets required?

    The MIB2 to MkV Jetta saga grew a new twist. I chose to install the 3-port USB hub, 5G0035953D, instead of the single USB port for easier integration in the MkV cockpit. Carplay was previously tested working with this MIB2 using a 5G0035222E. With everything installed, the MIB2 detects my...
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    MIB2 PQ Ignition Off Behavior

    Good morning! Can somebody with the MIB 2 verify the system behavior when left powered on with power supplied, engine off? I have one that I just applied the CP hardware patch to and in bench testing it, the radio powers off at about half an hour. It'll come right back on when pushing the...
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    7N0 907 530 BC CAN Gateway / Persistent Battery Module Problem

    I've updated my gateway in preparation for a MIB2 installation and noticed that with the 7N0 907 530 BC gateway, address 61- Battery Regulator shows up in the installed modules list even though I do not have it selected in Installed Modules. I get the errors for both the regulator and the...