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    01 - Engine Rejects Coding - Security Access Needed?

    Hi guys, Long time no see. :) I was looking at some faults (broken speaker, CEL, mirror heating) on my Passat 3C 2008 and once again praised the VCDS gods for the convinience of this tool, like for being able to test individual speakers! :) One thing puzzled me though; my 01 Engine...
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    AutoScan Database?

    Hi, After registering here yesterday to post my question about AFS module coding (Retrofit forum), I have begun to get the (new to me) impression, that simply posting an auto scan will help Ross Tech alot, not only in relation to the specific problem with the specific car, but also to allow...
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    Coding Options of 55 - Headlight Range - Shortcoded Versions (<=C)

    Hi, Edit: Thread title is misleading, I'm looking for information on coding for rev. C, not newer or older, as I believe they are coded differently. I'll elaborate on why I'm asking this question later on, but to keep the post a bit consise, I'll ask the question first; is it possible for...