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    VW Golf MK7 ABS/Steering Assist errors after removing Instrument Cluster

    Could someone assist with how to fix these errors, unable to clear faults using VCDS: Monday,29,October,2018,14:27:36:45940 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64(VMWare) VCDS Version (x64) HEX-V2 CB: 0.4436.4 Data version: 20180927 DS296.0
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    Isolated Instrument Fault Code

    Based on the VCDS scan below, can anyone assist in locating the fault and how to fix it? Thanks Address 17: Instruments (J285) Labels:| 5G0-920-XXX-17.clb-SRI3 Part No SW: 5G0 920 860 HW: 5G0 920 860 Component: KOMBI 235 0555 Coding: 27A401002380000800086A00040000...