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    Full Led lamps are retrofitted to the Skoda Kodiaq

    Hello, please help or someone can add adaptations of the bcm 09 skoda kodiaq driver channels with full Led lamps with one driver in the lamp and a 4B multifunction driver
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    TOURAN III 5T1 full led lamps

    hello, will someone help in retrofitting the turan with full led lamps? Connected lamps bcm 09 parameterized needs help in coding the driver 4B, 29.39, D6, D7 I have odis 6 .... I will pay a reasonable price.
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    Security access to golf VIII

    Thank you for the answers. Old known codes do not match the hints from erwin no information about the code.
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    Security access to golf VIII

    This is how the car is after the accident.
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    Security access to golf VIII

    Yes, I can. Sorry And here is the scan need help with safety access to the battery driver 61. VIN: WVWZZZCDZLW802404 License Plate: Chassis Type: CD-VW38 (5WA) Scan: 01 02 03 05 08 09 10 13 15 17 19 23 2B 36 42 44 4B 4B 52 5F 61 75 A5 C4 CC D6 D7 8107 C002 C003 VIN...
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    Security access to golf VIII

    Witam jak w temacie prosze o pomoc w zdobyciu bezpiecznego dostepu do kontrolera akumulatora 61 vw golf VIII