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    Adaptation Problem in 8E central electronics -09 with HEX V2 adapter

    Hey guys! With my HEX V2 unlimited adapter i'm unable to change any adaptation values in central electronics and the security access block is grayed out, with my friends AI adapter i'm able to access the security access block and change adaptation values on the same car with the same computer...
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    Deactivate "Broken Lightbulb" warning on Audi Rs4 B7 8ec -2006?

    Hello! does anyone know how to deactivate "broken lightbulb" warning on dash display with vcds on the -2006 Audi rs4 b7 8ec models? i'm sick of it and just don't want to see it on the display anymore, i don't care about the fault code when scanning the car! i just don't want the warning on the...