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  1. JMR

    Audi A8 4E 00778 - Steering Angle Sensor - Defective

    About 3 months ago i ve had an 2002-3 A6 Avant with this LOCKED problem and after fussing with it for 30 minutes trying to basic set it ,i disconnected battery for few minutes and after that the sensor gave up and let me calibrate it. Try and move steering wheel left and right few times after...
  2. JMR

    Volkswagen T5 ABS coding.

    If you have space yes..why not ? It s held by 4-6 bolts
  3. JMR

    What countries have you visited and what impressed you about it ?

    Been to / lived in USA (visited nearly all 48 contiguous states/capitals ), France, Austria, Hungary , Canada, Bulgaria. By far America is the most diverse ( beuatiful scenery, changes from all green to all mountains and to nothing at all /customs ( you 'd better know what a pop, soda, fizz ...
  4. JMR

    2020 VW Tiguan Change country Code From Canada To USA

    it makes technical sense ,but : According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary: ”the word gage is a variant spelling of gauge, which in the noun form refers broadly to measurement (“fine-gauge wire”) or a standard by which something is measured (“polls are a good gauge of how voters might vote”).”...
  5. JMR

    New user to the forum - some queries about dsg and one or two other faults on an A3

    if your car has esp it should have a G251
  6. JMR

    2020 VW Tiguan Change country Code From Canada To USA

    which brings me back to american cars made in the 2000 's where GAUGE was spelled GAGE ( 2000's GM vehicles ... and Grand Cherokee is a more memorable one ) :), Nobody could explain that at the time.. :)
  7. JMR

    2012 Audi TT Quattro // ABS Pressure Switch Diagnosis

    i don't think that seeing zero pressure in your abs pump would be a good thing What PSI should hydraulic brakes be? Typical full-lock operating pressures on conventional OEM-style automotive hydraulic-brake systems are 900–1,000 psi (69 bar) with manual brakes and 1,400-plus psi (96 bar)with...
  8. JMR

    2020 VW Tiguan Change country Code From Canada To USA

    @DV52 here's my take : americans being "gym oriented' might confuse the canadian ABS icon wth something that might indicate that their car have a stomach /abs ache...since the icon for canada/row looks like ribbed abs :). BRAKE is also easier to interpret..they won't be fluttering their hands...
  9. JMR

    Sport Monitor Display

    I have no idea what a sport monitor display is...Me old .... So instead of concentrating on driving, watching out for idiots on the road and other things /obstacles....with the sport monitor display activated you can see G forces..boost..etc feature..but useless ..might also...
  10. JMR

    2010 Audi Q7 4.2L - TPMS screams, then ESP, then Transmission is unhappy

    please check fuse F18 ( 15 A , blue , pertains to Brake servo vacuum pump) inside engine compartment and relay A5 ( brake servo vacuum pump relay ) in the same place . this info pertains to 2010 audi q7 4.2 fsi eng code BAR Make sure your fuse is not blown twist it's pins a bit for surer...
  11. JMR

    Golf Mk5 Oxygen Sensor Problem (Lambda) pre cat

    you have problems on both your lambdas : b1 s1 ( first sensor ) shows an open circuit ( most likely plug issue, wire issue ) and b1 s2 short to ground ( after cat lambda) , check wires , plug , replace sensor
  12. JMR

    Audi A8 4E 00778 - Steering Angle Sensor - Defective

    Disconnect battery for few minutes , reconnect , recode abs
  13. JMR

    Audi A3 2009 lost abs coding

    try one of these codes and let us know if it worked. You should do basic settings after coding . 11424012512200FE881302E78A1900403D00 11424012512200FE881302E78A1900413D00 11424012512200FE881302E78A1900423D00 11424012512200FE881302E78A19004A3D00 Also , the 8P instrument cluster is...
  14. JMR

    Volkswagen T5 ABS coding.

    if you have space and you're a bit handy you can " split " the abs in 2 and just mount the ecu of the abs on your old hydraulic pump ( that way you dispense of brake bleeding, new fluid and all that headache ). However, before installing the new abs, just plug it in and do a scan, make sure the...
  15. JMR

    MAF sensor codes G70/P0102

    have you tried to twist the pins inside MAF plug a bit ?
  16. JMR

    P0601 00 (036) memory check sum error - CAYB Golf 1.6 TDI

    you can also adjust injector mechanically..there is a video on YT about that too
  17. JMR

    From Romania ..with love

    I was impressed by the vastness of nowehere UTAH. Just rock and desert...Mars like :). West Virginia is also beautiful ..poorest state...yet magnificent scenery .
  18. JMR

    From Romania ..with love

    Sometimes a simpler life ..brings simpler problems ...just not as many headaches as in *modern cities *. In the countryside of Romania , you sow , you reap , you eat.
  19. JMR

    From Romania ..with love

    Nice and quiet there ...real wild wild west movie scenary there ;)
  20. JMR

    Golf mk7 multifunktion steering wheel retrofittet in mk5 golf

    He might as well throw coupla thousands more and get a MK7 :) ?