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  1. ghost

    Traffic Jam Assist TJA Retrofit question

    Hi guys I have following A5 camera in my Golf Address A5: Frt Sens. Drv. Assist (R242) Labels:| 3Q0-980-65X-A5.clb Part No SW: 3Q0 980 654 L HW: 3Q0 980 654 A Component: MQB_B_MFK H12 0610 Serial number: 05081912P24826 Coding...
  2. ghost

    Golf MK7.5 mirrors unfold on ignition

    Hi Is it possible to code in mirrors to unfold on ignition, instead of remote? In MK6 it eeprom tweak but i cannot find correct adaptation channel in MK7 for that Regards
  3. ghost

    LCode old version

    Hi Question to Ross Tech support plz Is it possible to have OLD version of LCode? In my opinion new one is rubbish. It might me good if you just want to change coding slightly but not very helpful on every day use. Specially on retrofits. Well... my opinion tho Regards
  4. ghost

    Golf MK7.5 Blind Spot retrofit codding issue

    Hi I've retrofitted few bits in my G7.5 and all works fine apart of Blind Spot. I think I've coded it correctly in 5F, 13 and 10. However I'm struggling to find coding for ABS pump. I've seen guide written by XaGico which was very helpful, however his ABS pump has short 29 Bytes code coz his is...
  5. ghost

    Golf MK7.5 A5 Lane Assist retrofit issue

    Hi I have Golf MK7.5 R 2017. Retrofitted A5 - Frt Camera on windscreen. It is second hand camera which I calibrated to the car as well. Traffic Sign Recognition works fine after calibration. Now I have one fault and LDW doesn't work. Followed exactly the guide for retrofitting it on MK7, however...
  6. ghost

    Audi TT 8S TPMS retrofit

    Hi I've fitted 4 sensors and module for direct TPMS in 2017 TT All works fine but the info screens keeps disappearing from VC. It comes up only for 2sec and its gone for another 5sec. Its connected correctly as it should, codded it in !&, 19 and 5F but I cant get it codded in ABS Whichever Byte...