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    Fault 02117/02115

    Hi guys. Has anyone come Across these daily codes? They relate to the rear vision mirrors. Intermittently the passenger side window stays closed. It doesn’t open up when you start the car. After about 30 secs, the driver side opens up only. Weird problem but I couldn’t find it in the fault...
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    Sound Actuator SQ5 - Engine Noise Simulators

    Hi guys, I’ve just ran a scan on my wife’s SQ5 and this came up: Sound Actuator Or click here. I’m trying to post a picture from Dropbox. Not sure this website accepts it. Does this mean it doesn’t work??
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    AUDI SQ5 - Is in Normal....

    AUDI SQ5 - Is it Normal.... Guys, is it normal to have all these error codes pop up? I cleared them about 6 months ago. Saturday,20,June,2020,18:12:37:63594 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) HEX-V2 CB: 0.4505.4 Data version: 20190529...
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    New Member Barbalatte

    Hay guys, I just picked up a VCDS. I’m gona download Hex-V2 shortly. I currently own an Audi RS3, SQ5 and my brother in law has a Q3 and VW Caddy. So plenty to muck around on! I would like to change some basic stuff 1st. What’s the best way to start fiddling with this thing?
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    Buying a VCDS

    Hi guys, I want to buy a VCDS of a friend as he has no use for it anymore. Is it possible to run it off a tablet rather that a laptop which i don't have?