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    [Audi Q5 - 2013] -

    Uwe is correct with suggestions. Did the error code start after Audi did the last service? What have you changed with VCDS in Instrument?
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    VW Passat B7 2012 ABS code not correct Help needed

    Is the steering wheel in the right (wrong) side of the car? PR-Code show L0R
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    2009 A3 ABS incorrect coding 01044 (Mk60EC1)

    Is [19-CAN Gateway] changed or coding changed ? Try: E9811F0600020200F101
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    2020 VW ID.3 (E11)

    Please use english beta here. Autoscan > Start
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    2020 VW ID.3 (E11)

    Yes all 1edition delivered to Denmark have, I don't remember if it is all 30.000 1edition.
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    2020 VW ID.3 (E11)

    I just downloaded, most data, tpi etc. You did not know this :D After trying to ask many, vw will not tell what is the problem with my ordered car. So today I have ordered another model, not the same color inside and outside as wanted, but it could take another month before that would be...
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    Audi A8 D4 Front camera replacement

    First OP need to buy a legal VCDS.
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    Help with coding PCR2.1 Passat 2013

    Tip: For VW Commercial Vehicle's, first press "Nutzfahrzeuge" icon, then insert VIN. Same goes for some other model, for example ID.3, first press VW icon.
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    Audi A8 D4 Front camera replacement

    And, what do you want to do in [84-Night Vision] where you say you need SA ? You need a SA in [84], because you exchange [85] :confused:
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    Transport mode and production mode active on Arona 2018

    What is the history for these two, become activated ? [Applications] [De-activate Transport Mode] [Adaptation-10] "IDE02332-Deactivate production mode"
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    2020 Audi SQ5 Add AC ECO mode

    It looks like most Q5/SQ5 has this Intermittent DTC. You could try and activate Byte 03 Bit 0, so the coding is: 01C020FF4040800000 That is what other car models use, with same part number.
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    Updated to Release 20.4 and Having Trouble? Read This Thread

    I have several customers that have coded this new Controller for Trailer, I have not heard about any problems. For Coding use SA 20103 If there is problem I suggest screenshots and debug file, to Ross-Tech.
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    2020 VW ID.3 (E11)

    On all I have tested, there are 1 to the same 4 DTC's in [6C], standard software state currently :)
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    2020 VW ID.3 (E11)

    You lifted your a.. I guess :) If speed does not show 0, there is no ignition. That is what I have done often, I am interested to see, if odis maybe does some keep alive stuff. I was told, you should activate ignition before sitting in the driver seat. Have not tested that yet.
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    Golf 7 CXXB Injector adaptation

    Try login after you copied this file to: C:\Ross-Tech\VCDS\Labels\User
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    Golf 7 CXXB Injector adaptation

    Don't change it to the same as ECU, result would be the same as when 00000 000 00000 is used in VCDS. 27971 should be correct. Try ignition ON Ignition OFF 10 sec. Ignition ON Enter SA But first check measurement value: "Security Access" is 0 (zero)
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    4WD Retrofit on 2009 T5

    Try 0000544
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    climatic control retrofit for vw transporter t5(2015)

    There are 2 different basic setting available for "AC Compressor First Run-In" Test it, I would let the engine running at idle.
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    Coding II greyed out

    Basic setting is used, "Adaptation of diff. pressure sensor particulate filter"
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    2020 VW ID.3 (E11)

    From your manual picture: "Please regularly check yourself when your vehicle is next due for an inspection". No need for that, service is every 2 year, no matter of mileage.