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    Increase turn Signal Cycles

    I have instructions for the tweak to increase the turn signal cycles from 3 (default). However it requires "Adaptation" of 09-Cent. Elect. VCDS indicates that I need a service code for Adaptation. What is a service code? How may I get one to install the above tweak?
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    Close windows & roof by touching door handle?

    I'm able to close windows & roof/blind by keeping my finger on the lock button of the exterior door handle. However, I can't open the windows with the similar long touch of the back of the door handle when I unlock the door. Is there a tweak to enable this? It works OK (both open & close)...
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    Activate AWD on 2020 Q5 w/ Quattro Ultra

    Is there any way to tweak when AWD engages? I would like it to engage when I select: - Dynamic in Drive Select, or - Sport setting thru the gearshift lever
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    Battery Meter/Sweep Dials?

    How may I enable the subject tweaks on a 2020 Q5 (non-US)?
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    Remote operation of sunroof when locking/unlocking with long press on remote

    How may I use VCDS to customise this? I don't want the sunroof or sunroof visor to open when I use long press on the remote to open the windows. Apologies if its already covered in this forum. I can't find it.
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    2020 Q5 Radio "Alternate Frequency" Feature

    My manual indicates the radio may automatically switch to an alternate FM frequency when an FM station gets too weak. How may I activate that option using my new V2 interface?
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    2020 Q5 Airbag Remider

    Before I checked the website I connected my older interface to my 2020 Q5. I tried to access a module (Comfort?) & I got a msg to connect a new interface. However, it also turned on a warning that the "passenger side airbag is on". I now get that warning (tone & text) every time I start the car...