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    HEX NET Logs location

    Obviously the typical newbie kind of question, but for the life of me I can't find on my mobile the location of the logs made in the Advanced Measuring values ? It says /logs/LOG-xx.csv but heck, where is the damn file? Thanks for your help! ;)
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    MAF readings discrepancies

    Hi all, I've been chasing my tail for a while with a very strange MAF discrepancy issue between bank1 and 2 on my car (Audi RS6 C5 2003), so I'm now looking for guidance from the bright minds. Symptoms are that - as seen on the advanced measuring values on my Hexnet- as long as the engine...
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    HEX NET - Output tests conditions not met & other restrictions

    Hi, Great interface but a couple of quirks for which I need some guidance. I did make a search but I didn't find the answer, so apologizes if this has been addressed before. The car: Audi RS6 C5 Avant 2003 The interface: HEX NEXT Devices: Android phone / laptop PC Windows 10 Home running...