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    Fault Codes on 2013 VW Golf 2.5L

    Good day fine gents! I wanted to do what I thought would be a simple job to replace the oem wimpy horn on my 2013 VW Golf with a dual Fiam horns but following the setup I found out that the original horn was only for the remote door locks sound and there was another horn (also pathetic!)...
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    Disabling Lamp Diagnostics to clear 'bulb burned-out' display warning

    Cheers! I am questioning if by disabling ' Lamp Diagnostics' for lights after installing LEDs would clear the 'bulb burned-out' display warning light. This being one the more safer option than playing with Byte 18. Thanks.
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    Coding for LED Bulb Out dash warning light 2013 Golf 2.5L

    Greetings! Changed some of the lights in the back of my 2013 Golf 2.5L with LED and of course I received the amber 'Bulb Out' light on dashboard. I have the VagCom cable registered for the car but I wanna be sure I do the right coding on Bit 18 and not do some irreversible damage to the coding...
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    Tiguan Trailer Control Module coding - support needed

    Greetings all. Just added the OEM trailer hitch with electronics module to my 2014 Tiguan Comfortline. Programming went ok for Canway-19 (coding accepted) but not successful for the Engine -01 module, getting Error 31. Here is the scan and some shots from the attempted coding, last pic is for...
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    New to forum and already asking questions :-)

    I have a 2014 VW Tiguan Comfortline and just recently I installed the OEM hitch with electronic module. I encountered some difficulties in coding the engine module in VCDS. Canway 19 coding and Trailer -69 module went ok but when I select 'Trailer Installed' under Byte 6 in the engine module...