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  1. PetrolDave

    Replacement windshield wiper switch cruise control and wiper module VW Passat B7 2013

    Sorry, but so few of us read or understand Polish you'll have to post using the English version of VCDS :thanks:
  2. PetrolDave

    New at this

    Thanks for making the screen shot visible, but what we really need you to post is a full unedited VCDS Auto-Scan (or a link to one if you've already posted one here).
  3. PetrolDave

    Car image changing

    What car are you asking about, what year, .... Please post a full unedited VCDS Auto-Scan made using the English version (or a link to one if you have already posted it here) - we need that to see how it is equipped, especially what infotainment system you have and its firmware & hardware versions.
  4. PetrolDave

    One Touch window operations broken

    I seem to remember reading someone that on MQB platform vehicles you might need to do the "operate switch when window at end stop" FIVE times to reset one-touch operation?
  5. PetrolDave

    Retrofit RNS310 "cannot be reached"

    Yes that's the latest version, please post that scan in full.
  6. PetrolDave

    BWA engine vcds log (is it good?)

    I'm going to let those with more experience of the DQ250 transmission than me suggest the best fault finding method.
  7. PetrolDave

    BWA engine vcds log (is it good?)

    The point I was trying to make is that you've been working on the assumption that the engine is faulty despite their being no engine fault codes, but when the transmission is suggested as a possible cause you appear to reject that suggestion on the basis that there are no transmission fault...
  8. PetrolDave

    BWA engine vcds log (is it good?)

    The transmission isn't showing any fault codes either :confused: Not all mechanical problems will generate fault codes, only those that VAG included into the diagnostic stack in the module firmware. In situations like this it's down to proper old-fashioned fault finding using an understanding...
  9. PetrolDave

    VW Passat B7 2012 ABS code not correct Help needed

    To help others please share how you solved the problem, and if it was coding what the coding you used was.
  10. PetrolDave

    Error in module A5 seat leon 5f

    We'll need to see the full unedited VCDS Auto-Scan not just a tiny section, and PLEASE use the English version of VCDS when posting here. This can be downloaded from the Ross-Tech website and installed along with your Spanish version.
  11. PetrolDave

    VW Eos roof ecu remapping

    What did you find on erWin?
  12. PetrolDave

    Introduction & Audi A3 E-tron Battery Health

    The 20% "headroom" at the bottom is most likely to prevent deep discharge of the batteries, which if repeated would definitely cause loss of capacity.
  13. PetrolDave

    Audi RS6 C8 Laser light

    Copy the text file that VCDS saves, then paste it here using the </> icon in the forum editor.
  14. PetrolDave

    Rear view camera retrofit issues

    Did you save the 5F adaptation values BEFORE you used the Kufatec coding dongle? It looks to me like the Kufatec coding dongle has made some, but not all, of the changes you do need but also made some changes you don't want. Might be worth asking Kufatec to tell you what changes their coding...
  15. PetrolDave

    0am tcu software

    VCDS cannot reflash modules.
  16. PetrolDave

    Xenon headlights retro fit

    Have you checked that the long coding and ALL the adaptation channels in the new BCM are identical to those in the old BCM?
  17. PetrolDave

    Audi A2 Electric Window Fault

    Or do they share a common data bus from the CCM? Sounds like you definitely need to get a WD - erWin (not the US site since you are in the UK) is the best place IMHO.
  18. PetrolDave

    Introduction & Audi A3 E-tron Battery Health

    Cold batteries definitely hold less charge.
  19. PetrolDave

    Battery issue ???

    Plus visually inspect the wires don't rely only on the multimeter.