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  1. bip78

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    Can we not upload pictures?
  2. bip78

    LED Headlight Issues

    This morning I installed a new/replacement OEM Audi LED full headlight for my C7 RS6. From what I can see, everything works fine, all the light functions are active as they need to be - HOWEVER I am getting error message come up on my display. I have used VCDS to clear the DTCs and they pop up...
  3. bip78

    RS6 (C7) 2015 Avant - Boot/Trunk Issue

    Morning/afternoon all, A question with regards to a possible issue regarding the boot/truck retractable cover. This has always gone up when the boot/trunk opened, an closed upon the reverse action. Just plugged in my VCDS, had a nose and cleared out some DTCs, I now find that the cover wont...