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  1. NZDubNurd

    2009 Caddy, Trying to replace instrument cluster with Touran clocks

    Those clocks will be too old for your Caddy. Clocks ending in numbers up to 3 are Immo4A, 4 are 4C. 2009, your Caddy should have 4C. Pay to post an autoscan anyway, but if you're trying to upgrade them from the really basic ones, you really want to try for ones with a matching end number, and...
  2. NZDubNurd

    ... it was funny to me....

    I'll happily swap that fruitcake and take a chance on whoever fills the gap ;)
  3. NZDubNurd

    ... it was funny to me....

    In NZ, it's perfectly legal to distill your own alkihole at home for your personal consumption ;) No problems with law men! Well only 2 air rifles; for the rats, hares and occasional nuisance bird... Oh, and the boys like to print out zombie pictures and draw targets on them :D... Probably...
  4. NZDubNurd

    ... it was funny to me....

    I got three boys. 2 of them have rats tails :thumbs: (in NZ, its just a bit in the middle, at the back) I own my own alcohol still and make my own bacon.... What should I identify as? :D
  5. NZDubNurd

    Golf Mk V 2.0 FSI not starting

    Does the engine speed register when cranking; the tacho should move up, or check the measuring block for engine speed sensor G28. Clearing the codes resets the fuel trims, so it may have caused the better running. Did you check the breather hoses while you did the manifold? they crack often, as...
  6. NZDubNurd

    Markets / Economy

    Since that little nugget is of no use what-so-ever, ever... I'll remember it FOREVER :D Hopefully it comes up at quiz night eventually :thumbs:
  7. NZDubNurd

    Awd Retro Fit

    You'll need a wiring diagram for the chassis your ABS came from - the loop varies based on the physical car options, and the coding options. A one hour ErWin subscription (and save all the PDF's you can) is probably the best place, if you don't have access to ElsaWin.
  8. NZDubNurd

    Awd Retro Fit

    Have you fitted a 4motion ABS module, but not rewired the loop in to plug to match the coding? I can't recall the exact details, but there is a wiring loop I changed when I retrofitted 4motion to my Touran with MK60 ABS, and coded the module for the correct brake size. You may still have the...
  9. NZDubNurd

    Forum Software Migration

    Uwe; you can rest easy knowing that when I read your name, I pronounce it in my head: "OoVay", but with a Kiwi accent :thumbs: Or maybe it is *I* who can rest easy... knowing I've avoided receiving a "Tonya Harding" :D
  10. NZDubNurd

    Forum Software Migration

    I think you guys (especially Santos it seems ;)) have done an AMAZING job of this. You've avoided the whole Microsoft Paradigm... where they change stuff seemingly just to create a job for themselves and to piss off all their users! Honestly, I think this is the fastest major forum upgrade...
  11. NZDubNurd

    Can you disable the "press clutch to start" funtion, 2014 A4

    Do you have to push the clutch to start MK5 platform cars in the USA? Euro ones certainly don't... though I did think about trying to enable it in my Touran... Because my Wifes Touran is auto and when you're inside, it feels like the same car other than the transmission and 100 extra horse powders.
  12. NZDubNurd

    Forum Software Migration

    You forgot how to spell "migration" in the thread title. Does that count??? :D
  13. NZDubNurd

    Throcking it ...

    Sometimes, you get so pissed off with something, you have to "go postal" on it's arse, if nothing else, to feel better! I have recovered from this a little, but it really got my goat! It was FAR more succesful than the time I got miffed with something in the garage and hit a bit of wood with a...
  14. NZDubNurd

    OT: MK5 cluster hex addresses

    Off Topic - not VCDS related at all, but I know some of you guys are as weird as meeeee! so I've posted this in general repair :D: Uwe: feel free to move, REmove etc, if you see fit :cool: Does anybody have the hex address map for the EEPROM binary (.bin) file from a MK5 instrument cluster of...
  15. NZDubNurd

    MK60 ABS blockage?

    Do'h! I think I broke R32ran... During some "spirited" driving, the ESP and traction control was activated. I parked for a while and then ever since, the right rear brake hasn't been working! I've run the Basic Settings group 1 and bled the ABS under pressure through the 2 front brakes, then...
  16. NZDubNurd vs : Status: INTERFACE NOT COMPATIBLE for 00 Steering Angle Sensor

    I took my oldest laptop with me when buying the "bluran" 2006 Touran 2.0 FSI I hadn't updated VCDS on this laptop, so I did it after buying the car, and getting back to my friends house, then rescanned: What's up with this: 00-Steering Angle Sensor -- Status: INTERFACE NOT COMPATIBLE...
  17. NZDubNurd

    Golf 1K MK5 engine interchangeability

    VW have quite a bizarre engine code arrangement! How do you even know which base engines are the same? Lots of manufacturers have a base engine code, with option identifiers. There appears to be a number of VW/Audi engine codes, which are basically the same engine (but not always!) with...
  18. NZDubNurd

    IAT temp OK, until engine starts, then -48C

    Hi guys, A little help please :thanks: this is related to my R32 Touran conversion, so there is some total FOD, Jack ;-) AUtoscan: Monday,05,September,2016,15:35:26:42165 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) Data version: 20160803 DS255...
  19. NZDubNurd

    Fuel pumps: FSI vs port injected (low pressure)

    Hi Guys, Anyone know if the FSI low pressure pumps (in tank) are basically the same as a standard port injected pump? I want to run the FSI pump in the R32 Touran conversio on 12V straight, instead of the PWM signal they normally have. Are they still just a 12V motor in the pump? No the end of...
  20. NZDubNurd

    Electric Steering Rack interchangability, Touran, A3 8P, mk5 Golfs etc.

    Hi everybody! I've been asking Uncle Google, but I have a limited time opportunity! I'd like to know the Steering Rack interchangability between some of the MK5 Golf based cars, and their Audi cousins. Rack Part numbers DO interchange between brands, but I don' know WHICH factors may introduce...