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  1. DV52

    Car image changing

    @ib97 Hi. Try this - to set the image to Golf mk7, set Byte0=02 (Binary 0000 0010), Byte1=73 (Binary 0111 0011), Byte3=00 (Binary 0000 0000) on the hex5F module. Remember that Binary numbers are read from right-to-left (i.e. same as decimal numbers), so Bit0 is the right-most digit Don
  2. DV52

    New guy with the proverbial "help me please"

    @MTHines: Hi. Based purely on the instructions from Integrated Automotive in your link -I note that Byte8 of the long-code string on your hex5F module has the value hex7D, or Binary 0111 1101. Remembering that Binary numbers are read from right-to-left (so, Bit0 is the right most digit), this...
  3. DV52

    2020 US Presidential Election

    Bruce: wow - you paint a very disturbing picture indeed - I hope (I'd say "pray" if I was a believer) that your view of a dystopian American society post Nov 5, 2020 is grossly exaggerated! I disagree entirely!! Of course, the Government of a country is vitally important to the way that the...
  4. DV52

    2020 US Presidential Election

    @Uwe: haha - I know that your reply above is said in complete jest. But from my perspective as a foreigner with a passing interest in US politics (as I sit here in my study on the other side of the planet watching a mob of kangaroos graze in a distant paddock and listening to the kookaburras...
  5. DV52

    2020 US Presidential Election

    @Uwe: Just for the record - of course I don't really believe that you even slightly evil (quite the opposite in fact)!!! I'm not sure how much you know about Australia's democratic process but we have an "opt-out" voter registration system and accountability for the entire process (including...
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    2020 US Presidential Election

    @Uwe: I tried the link and indeed I was able to enter as Billy Gates - you are a (slightly) evil man!!:D Don
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    Skoda Octavia Mib2 retrofit

    @vagcodinguk: hi. If I understand the problem correctly (not sure that I do) - I note that Byte24 in the changed long-code string for the new MIB has the value hex46, or Binary 0100 0110. This means that Bit 3 is not set (the highlighted Bit in the Binary value). According to my database, the...
  8. DV52

    Introduction & Audi A3 E-tron Battery Health

    @PetrolDave Dave: 101% true - and let's not forget that if the car in question incorporates regeneration (I suspect OP's E-Tron has this), the energy management system MUST by definition allow a "headroom" margin below full battery capacity (so 100 % SOC never happens via traditional...
  9. DV52

    2017 Octavia vRS - Setting Longlife/Variable Servicing

    @Uwe: forgive me -but I just couldn't resist emphasizing the bolded bit in your reply (which of course is exactly the objective of ESI). :facepalm:
  10. DV52

    2017 Octavia vRS - Setting Longlife/Variable Servicing

    @Jack@European_Parts Jack : It's been a while since last we spoke, thanks for responding - but you are going to have to help me here!! Assume that I'm a rank moron with an IQ in the lower quartile of the normal distribution curve - which ain't far from the truth!! What are the acronyms in...
  11. DV52

    Introduction & Audi A3 E-tron Battery Health

    @Uwe : Probably one of America's worst decisions - IMHO!! Only good for the copper/aluminum industry (extra insulation is far cheaper)!! Don
  12. DV52

    2017 Octavia vRS - Setting Longlife/Variable Servicing

    hmm..... @Uwe (et al supporters of Uwe's positon)...... forgive my continuing skepticism on this matter, but there is a fundamental question in this debate worth considering IMHO; If ESI deniers are correct and if this facility is ultimately detrimental to the car's longevity (which at best can...
  13. DV52

    2017 Octavia vRS - Setting Longlife/Variable Servicing

    @Uwe: Thanks. I see your point!! If the vehicle comes with the PR number “QG1", then Shirely we both must agree that the calculation can be properly done - and in this case, ESI is a more efficient method for determining the lubricant's useful life. For those cars that...
  14. DV52

    2017 Octavia vRS - Setting Longlife/Variable Servicing

    @Stouffer Hi. Depending on your view of Uwe's response regarding the validity of Audi/VW ESI facility (which has been around since late 2000 according to SSP 224 - try this: Hex 17 module - Adaptation IDE00512-ESI: minimum value km-driving distance/inspection > *15000 km IDE00513-ESI: maximum...
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    2017 Octavia vRS - Setting Longlife/Variable Servicing

    I'm surprised! Why? Purely from an efficiency perspective - what's wrong with determining the service interval based on a calculation of the ACTUAL deterioration of the car's lubricant (i.e. based on ACTUAL sensor information) - rather than based on a fixed interval? Particularly with modern...
  16. DV52

    Copy pasting long codes

    @Uwe: I've noticed an interesting characteristic of the new forum software related to "toggle BB code" switch (the gear-symbol at the end of top-line). For example, If I copy-and-paste cells from MS Excel into a post that isn't using the BB code view, I get this...
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    Hi all, new to the forum. Need help obtaining security access code for a module.

    @DPG_1000 : Hi There's a bunch of SA s below (20103 is a good one!)- what are you trying to do? Don
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    Case Study: B201A - Check Software Version Management

    @wkeating : Hi. What flavor car is this and what was the value of IDE02502-Confirmation of installation change in your hex5F module? Usually it will be a hexadecimal number with up to 4 x digits (but it can be less than 4 x digits if the leading number is zero - some diagnostic cables don't...
  19. DV52

    VW POLO V (6R) 1.2 TSI 2014 Energy Management problems

    @Segil:Hi. I'm just guessing, but have you considered the pissabolity(?) of J367 being implicated in the fault? The hex 19 module appears to be happy in your scan report, so it believes that everything is hunky-dory - but perhaps this is because the battery monitor control module is under...
  20. DV52

    Skoda Octavia 2015 rear lamp LED installed

    @Mario8080: Hi I assume because you say "lamps" in your post (rather than fittings)- that you did just that; replaced the lamps (rather than the fittings). If not, then we have the problem of how you managed to accommodate the extra wires needed for a full LED tail-light assembly retrofit...