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  1. DrPeter

    I need help for fuel pressure.

    Hello, This on it's face value does not look like a fuel pressure concern, the 'Actual' seems to follow the Specified rather well. So what should be the fuel economy? and how are you calculating the consumption? By the calculation below, I would expect that should be double the mpg...
  2. DrPeter

    8S TTRS DSG issues

    Hello, I saw this post the other day, did a little research and did not come up with much and did not post anything. Today, I see that no one has posted a response, so today I will post a thought I had when I first saw this post, it is a saying I use every so often.. "The light that burns...
  3. DrPeter

    Dual USB cover

    - Have you seen this part before in the same vehicle as yours? or was it in another vehicle? I am thinking you may need to 'make' your own, if what you are looking for does not exist (yet), ;) Maybe this part could work as a custom add on? [5QD-035-726-L] fits 2019 Volkswagens >> drpeter
  4. DrPeter

    2005 Audi A4 B7 - Light / Rain sensor between windshield and rear-view mirrot

    Hello, The Official Factory Repair manuals detail the removal and installation of the G397- Rain/Light Recognition Sensor with images and all the information one needs. :) There are three parts to the G397: - Retaining plate - Rain/light recognition sensor -G397 - Retaining clip The repair...
  5. DrPeter

    Dual USB cover

    Hello, Without some more specific vehicle information (VIN), here is a best guess: [3G5-035-954] = USB port with integrated voltage converter or [3G5-035-726-B] = USB connector As an alternative, I have used cheap $10us dash mount dual USB sockets and a 10amp 12v to 5v converter before with...
  6. DrPeter


    Hello, We have a Ross-Tech wiki page for the one fault code, P0191 - Fuel Pressure Sensor (G247) . This could be a fuel supply concern, you may want to verify the fuel pressure as per the Official Factory Repair Information. Also posting a complete vehicle Auto-Scan would be helpful. Hope...
  7. DrPeter

    Audi s5 4.2 fsi CAUA camshaft position actuator

    Hello, So... that is interesting... Normally that all comes out in one complete unit.. weird? I have a few ideas... - One is to use a tapered 'pipe thread' tap of the correct dimensions and slowly twist it into the lower body/section of the N205 valve and when you fee you have a good bite on...
  8. DrPeter

    2021 Audi S8L - Scan & Maps (some)

    Oh, I also wanted to show this video... This vehicle has the Laser Headlights! A short video.... drp
  9. DrPeter

    2021 Audi S8L - Scan & Maps (some)

    Hello, Here is an Auto-Scan and 'some' controller channel maps for a North America 2021 Audi S8L Vehicle Identification No. WAU8SAF8XMN002330 Model Audi S8L Date of production 01.08.2020 Model year 2021 Sales type 4N85SA Engine Code CWWB Transmission Code TZU Axle drive...
  10. DrPeter

    2021 Audi Q5 - Auto-Scan

    Hello, Here is an Auto-Scan of a 2021 Audi Q5: Vehicle Identification No. WA1AAAFYXM2004680 Model Audi Q5 Date of production 08.09.2020 Model year 2021 Sales type FYGBAY Engine Code DPVA Transmission Code Exterior color / Paint Code 2D / X5H...
  11. DrPeter

    2021 Audi S6 - Auto-Scan

    Hi there, Here is an Auto-Scan of a 2021 Audi S6: Vehicle Identification No. WAUFFAF22MN011076 Model Audi S6 Quattro 2,9 Date of production 03.09.2020 Model year 2021 Sales type 4A2SFA Engine Code DKMB Transmission Code SQQ Exterior color / Paint Code A2 / Y9B...
  12. DrPeter

    2009 Audi A3 1.8L ABS Coding (MK60EC1)

    Hello, This ABS coding is VIN dependent, so trying just any coding will not work and is not advised. Speaking of VINs, I have a couple questions.... Question (1) - Is this the true VIN on the vehicle's VIN plate? - [WAUZZZ8P6AA027585] Question (2) - The "Status" of the [04-Steering...
  13. DrPeter

    Seat alhambra handbrake module location

    Hello again, Are you looking in the center of the dash/console? Both the [7N1] VW Sharron and the [710] Seat Alhambra Official Factory Repair Information show the J540 in the same place. In the repair manuals for the Seat Alhambra 2010 > [71] , in the "Fitting Locations" diagram No.805/11, it...
  14. DrPeter

    Seat alhambra handbrake module location

    Hello on a 2013 Volkswagen Sharron (7N1), as per the factory repair manuals, the "J540-Control unit for electromechanical parking brake" is located " Under centre console, near front arm rest". We recommend to use the Official Factory Repair Information for the wiring diagrams/component...
  15. DrPeter

    Lamborghini Huracan Gearbox Adapt

    Hello, As you mentioned, an Auto-Scan would be great! So, (1) can VCDS " adapt gearbox?", short answer is not exactly, there is no Adaptation that is needed.Only the Basic Setting called - [Basic setting of transmission]. And (2), can you make "tweaks to the line pressures?" - Simple...
  16. DrPeter

    2007 Audi S8 pressure regulator intermittent

    Hello, Before replacing any parts, (by the way, there are two HPFP on the 5,2l BSM engine) I would recommend to check the power (battery voltage, engine running) to both the [N290 - Fuel Metering Valve] and the [N402 - Fuel Metering Valve 2]. These are located on the High Pressure Fue Pumps...
  17. DrPeter


    Hello, Thanks for sending us the email. To help others in the future and to maintain the continuity, I would suggest that we continue this discussion in this forum. According to some research and the information found in the Official Factory Repair Information the [J393-Comfort system central...
  18. DrPeter

    Troubleshooting HVAC, How to I check individual components.

    Hello, I would recommend to have a look at the " Compressor Shut off code" in the Measuring Value Block group [002], field (1), key on, engine running AC set to Auto. - Let us know what you see there. The list located on the Ross-Tech forum post Tis’ the HVAC Season is close enough to get you...
  19. DrPeter

    Aufi A4 Multitronic issue

    Hello, Have you checked the basics? Transmission fluid leaks, fluid level and quality, dirty/contaminants, etc? Also in the "Coolant temperature" seems crazy high at [175 °C], that is almost 350°F - maybe it is not correct? Was there any fault codes in memory? I ask because it seems that...
  20. DrPeter

    Skoda Octavia mk2 and Motor ecu problem

    Hello, Good questions! I think it is not possible to determine if the Original ECM [03G 906 021 MC] is faulty with the information you have provided. According to the parts information: - The ECM part number [03G 906 016 BA] will only fit 2004 - 2007 Audi A3 quattro/manual with a BKD engine...