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    HVAC control unit in dash not showing any lights or displays

    But they work fine. 2005 Jetta MK5. Fan speed and temp change as I turn the knob but none of the lights in the knobs or buttons work and neither do the two small display screens. This just started recently. This is the connector diagram: There is 12V on the T20 connector pin 20. Are there...
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    Climate control display inop in 2005 Jetta MK5

    The A/C and blower work fine but there is no temperature display for both sides and none of LEDs in the buttons or dials work. Which fuse feeds the display in the control unit? Also noticed the Homelink doesn't work either when I press a button.
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    Why are these engine codes still showing after they are cleared and the engine not run?

    2005 New Jetta showing misfire and air intake leak codes. I clear the codes and they still show on the rescan even though the engine hasn't even been started. Initial scan: Wednesday,21,July,2021,12:53:33:53717 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version...
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    Which measuring block to monitor VNT actuator position, 2006 Jetta TDI?

    Want to verify that the G500 position sensor is putting out a signal. Turbo rebuilder said one of the pins seemed lose.
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    2006 Jetta TDI, rebuilt turbo runs bad, P0299.

    I had the turbo rebuilt by a reputable turbo rebuilder, installed it, and the car runs like crap. No power until 2200 rpm, black smoke, rapping noise, acidic smell from under the hood like the converter is overheating. It ran better BEFORE the rebuild. If I remove the hose from the VNT...
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    2006 Jetta TDI with P0101 MAF sensor Implausible Signal

    New to me car with 322,000 miles. Runs great with plenty of power when you step on it. In normal driving you feel a surge of power around 1800 rpm as if the turbo just kicked in. Below that rpm it’s ok most of the time but occasionally it will bog down and put out black smoke if press the...
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    15 Jetta, can new or used remote/key be programmed to car with push button start?

    If not with VAGCOM, can a dealer program a used one? New key is $106 vs. $15-$25 for used plus $5 for a keyblade.
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    2015 Jetta Hybrid just replaced Mechatronic and ready to start up.

    I posted here about removing the Mechatronic at: and at: I ordered a new Mech and it took 5...
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    Where is the 7-spd DSG section in VCDS?

    Working on this 2015 Jetta Hybrid to remove to Mechatronic. Assumed it's in 02 Automatic Transmission buy can't find how to place transmission into neutral. Manual says, Move selector lever into position P, Connect diagnostic tester and turn on ignition, Select Guided Functions, under 7-speed...
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    How to de-energise the high-voltage system in a Hybrid Jetta?

    Working on a 2015 Jetta replacing the Mechatronic unit and using Elsawin. Says, Select Guided Functions mode. Select Functions/component Body Electrical system 01 On-Board Diagnostic capable systems Hybrid battery management Hybrid battery management funtions De-energising HV system Haven't...
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    2015 Jetta Hybrid only has 2nd gear

    Just picked up this car with the 7-speed DSG transmission. It has 157,000 miles and only has second gear plus reverse. Wrench symbol flashing in display. First is of full scan followed by scan after deleting codes, then scan of just the trans. Does P1604 Internal Control Module Output Driver IC...
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    Will VAGCOM program new key for a late model VAG?

    Specifically 2015 Audi S4? Dealer wants $150!