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    Unable to clear - 01134 - Alarm Horn (H12)

    I've had the below faults for 2 years and was unable to clear them. The original alarm horn was replaced with a new unit 2 years ago and the faults were still logged. I played around yesterday evening and finally managed to clear them. The solution for me, with an Audi A8 4E, was to remove...
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    This online resource website was extremely useful for finding information in Audi cars on ECU, sensors, actuators etc... Sadly it's now off line. For those that did know and use the site, are there any other websites with similar resources?
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    A8 D3 Optical Bus test returns all errors

    Hi all, When I perform the optical bus test it returns all errors on both electrical and optical for all controllers in the MOST loop. The infotainment does work fully with no faults in the autoscan. My main question is how does the optical bus test work and what could cause all the errors...
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    A8 4E #08 HVAC label file

    It doesn't have an official RT label so I wrote one awhile back but didn't finish it as it lacked the selective output test. I've documented some of them. Remaining I have 11 descriptions with no test numbers and 11 test numbers with no descriptions... so I guess they needs pairing. Crawling...
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    Audi A8 4E - Wiper distance to A-pillar

    Over the weekend I replaced the wiper mechanism as it had seized and couldn't move the wipers any more. The motor / ECU (J400) was fine so no fault codes were logged when it couldn't move. Replacement mechanism installed and aligned as per Elsa and wipers move once again. I was reading there's a...
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    Bleeding brakes advice

    My car is an Audi A8 4E and recently I installed new pads and discs all round. While doing the work I noticed that the short brake line connected to the front caliper from the flexi line was corroded. Thinking it may be an inspection failure I decided to replace this short pipe on both fronts...
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    Making Label Files,

    I'm in the process of rewriting my label files for the few that are missing for the A8 4E (so they are more professional before I send them all to you guys) One question, how do I find out the Txxxx value for selective output tests? For example, here is the front HVAC unit but I'm missing the...
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    Wiki for Audi A8 (4E)

    How can I contribute to update the wiki for this car? I've been tinkering, can hacking, bench testing this car for a number of years now and have built up my own database of info - of which I'd like to share with the community.
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    Question about Component Protection Gen 1 (Audi A8 4E)

    I've been bench testing a few instrument clusters from the Audi A8 4E. One of the clusters has CP active and I've recoded the cluster with random codes just to see what would happen... Now it's locked down and I have to wait before I can try again. Anybody know the time limit in between CP...
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    Portable Mobile Wi-Fi

    Does anybody know if these devices, such at the TP Link M7350 create a WLAN? Reason I ask is I have some remote test equipment that is a operated by a Window Laptop, which I'll install VNC on, and I want to access/control that via VNC from another Laptop in the warmth of my car. There's no...
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    Audi A8 D3 coolant temp a little high

    Hi all. A few weeks ago I noticed the radiator fans running, something I've not heard before, and they're quite noisy on an A8. I didn't think too much of this as the wife just got back and was doing some slow city driving. However, when I went to drive the car it warmed up to 105C just idling...
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    Coolant Temperature Sensor reading low

    Hi all, I replaced a coolant temperature sensor on an A4 B5 2.8q as the O-ring had failed and coolant had killed it. The new sensor is installed correctly but it is reading low and doesn't rise above 75c. It's a cheap Ebay non original sensor and I think it's woefully inaccurate. Link to sensor...
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    Skoda Superb 3T Incorrect system date

    This is my dads car. Since he had the cam belt service done by the main dealer few months they must have disconnected the battery and never correctly adjusted the date. The faults are logged with a 2010 date now... If I correct the date will that affect the service reminders and/or anything...
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    Double checking the Audi A8 (4E) Parking Brake procedure..

    I shall be doing new pads and discs this weekend. Having read the wiki and video, I just want to double check I have the correct procedure for the A8 4E? 1, Open Rear Parking Brake 2, Manual work 3, Close Rear Parking Brake 4, Function Test 5, Pad Thickness Adaptation Many thanks Matt