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  1. daniel.b

    Passat B8 replacement of the air supply motor 5Q0907511A

    Hello, Someone had experience with the replacement of the 5Q0907511A front air distribution valve in Volkswagen Passat B8 2015. Is it necessary to disassemble the board or can you get to the side? vcds error: 328964 - Motor for Front Air Distribution Flap B1091 71 [008] - Actuator...
  2. daniel.b

    VW Golf 7 Discovery Pro problem

    Hello, Please help me correctly encode Discovery Pro. It is likely that the coding was changed by accident, the sound does not work on the radio, no car logo, the volume control does not work, the Voice button is inactive. Is anyone able to help? Car Volkswagen Golf 7 2013...
  3. daniel.b

    Audi A4 B8 bi xenon led+ lamps from GB to EU

    Hello I have a question whether it is possible to recode lamps from GB to EU in a car Audi A4 B8 2013 bi xenon led plus lamps without shutters using VCDS? Saturday,21,December,2019,16:09:01:07292 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x64 VCDS Version: (x64)...
  4. daniel.b

    VW Touran module error

    Hello, I am asking for help in resolving the problem in VW Touran 2005r. 2.0 TDI The handbrake icon is constantly lit in the car and a sound signal is triggered. The sensor and wires have been checked. There is an error in the instrument cluster: 00003 - Control Module 014 - Defective Can the...
  5. daniel.b

    Audi A3 2016r. exchange of US lamps for EU

    Hello. looking for information which bits should be changed in BCM module to recode US lamps to EU. Thank you in advance for your help. Car Audi A3 2016 The lamp has been soldered diodes, coding remained. Monday,02,September,2019,20:35:47:07292 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on...
  6. daniel.b

    VW Touran Coding ABS

    Hello, The ABS pump was damaged in the car, it was not possible to read the old coding, where can I get the correct coding? I tried to enter a coding from a similar car but it doesn't, vcds throws an error 31 Friday,09,August,2019,17:01:12:07292 VCDS -- Windows Based...
  7. daniel.b

    Seat Leon ARL code faults

    Hey, I have a problem with recurring errors on the engine. After deleting they return after some time. Mass, relay and fuse have been checked. Where to find the reason? Maybe the ecu driver is damaged? Wednesday,15,May,2019,18:04:11:07292 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on...
  8. daniel.b

    Audi A6 2 fault codes

    Hello, I am asking for help in the diagnosis of errors Address 02: Auto Trans - 005913 - Functionality limited due to Engine Control Module Address 3C: Lane Change - 16365 - Control Module - Electrical Error; CPU 2 Friday,01,February,2019,16:00:53:07292 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS...
  9. daniel.b

    VW Touran DSG problem with changing gear

    Hey, I have a problem with the DSG 7 gearbox in the car VW Touran 1.4 TSI 2014r. The chest does not choose the 7th gear. The 7th gear can be manually shifted, but when the transmission goes to the drive, the gear is reduced to 6. Gears are changed to 6 fluently, without jerks, etc. Any ideas...
  10. daniel.b

    Coding Passat B5 FL

    Hey, I have a problem with one mistake. -Engine Control Module Incorrectly Coded. I understand that there is wrong coding. Entering Engine-> Coding - displays the coding 06021, the tooltip window does not display, and you can not change the current coding, when you try to change the value goes...
  11. daniel.b

    Please help me encode BCM

    Hello, I am asking for help in correct coding of the BCM module 1K0 937 087 A friend was playing VCDS and decoding this module. The car does not work: - Open the boot from the button on the flap and the remote keys - counter lighting - windows with remote keys - free fog lamps - daytime running...
  12. daniel.b

    Golf V remote coding

    Hello, another request. Golf V, 2 remotes in the key have stopped working. When trying to adapt the remote, the controller does not accept the assigned remote control, when the test changes back to 0 Czwartek,22,Luty,2018,16:51:17:07292 VCDS -- Emulator VAG/VAS pracujący w środowisku Windows...
  13. daniel.b

    Climatronik, changing the temperature range

    Hi, Is it possible to change the temperature range in the VCDS climate system? Currently, the minimum temperature is set 18℃ later is LO. I would like the minimum temperature, for example, 16℃ is it possible to be recoded?
  14. daniel.b

    VW CC 09 BCM Byte 18 coding

    Hello, A friend mounted LED bulbs in VW CC 2011r, the problem is information about the burnt bulb. I understand that the coding to disable this function is in 09 BCM Byte 18, but in this module the 00 encoding is hidden. Does anyone know what value should be entered to turn off the checking of...
  15. daniel.b

    Volkswagen CC disable Start-Stop

    Hello, Please help me turn off or change the star-stop parameters so that it does not start. Wtorek,09,Styczeń,2018,20:23:13:07292 VCDS -- Emulator VAG/VAS pracujący w środowisku Windows, uruchomiony na Windows 7 x64 Wersja VCDS: AKP HEX-NET CB: 0.4409.4 Wersja danych: 20171214...