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  1. rammstein

    Alarm activates me more

    Hello I have a small problem I have my alarm activates me more I have the light of the door which flashes 5 sec in continuation it remains alunée 20 sec in continuation it re flashes I handsome to move the car l alarm does not activate I open my windows and I pass my arm inside the car the...
  2. rammstein

    Again scans a lot of error

    Hello everyone I just did a scans of the car I see that there are errors for that's the mistake I'm it 02115 - Central locking unit 02615 - Fuel Tank Cap; Lock 02616 - Unlock tank flap why I do not know that? 03156 - Sensor for Anti-Theft System (G578) 01134 - Alarm Horn (H12) 03365 - Bulb...
  3. rammstein

    Install the homelink

    hello everyone I install the kit homelink all and ok I think, now i have to go with the vcds in - Activation of the green menu Module 5F → Adaptation (10) → Channel 6 → Set new value to 1 impossible to go? my question would not be on - Address 07 "Control head" connect Select setting (10)...
  4. rammstein

    My first scan Audi A4 B8

    good night everyone here is my first audi a4 b8 year 2009 can you tell me what are the defaults? part I would like to activate the homelink sorry for my english i translate by google Vendredi,05,Juillet,2019,23:39:22:00103 VCDS -- Logiciel d'émulation de VAG/VAS sous Windows 10 x64 Version...