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  1. Uwe

    Electric window switch

    Please post an Auto-Scan for context. -Uwe-
  2. Uwe

    Shiny New Forum Software!

    Lots of new features. I'll explain some of them later. Right now we're still tweaking this, so do not be surprised if you encounter a few glitches. -Uwe-
  3. Uwe

    Forum Software Migration

    As discussed in a previous thread, we've been looking at migrating this forum to different software (XenForo) that is being actively maintained and enhanced, and has more features. Now we're almost ready to do that. In fact, it's scheduled for this coming Monday, September 7th, which is a...
  4. Uwe

    Inbound Storm

    This afternoon could bring some interesting weather to RT's HQ: With 100 km/h winds predicted, I would not be surprised if we have some outages... -Uwe-
  5. Uwe

    Ross-Tech's 20th Anniversary Sale!

    Greetings! May 16th, 2020 will mark the 20th anniversary of the first version of VAG-COM (Beta 0.50) available for download, as well as the date on which we officially started taking orders for the original ISO-COM interfaces. For our 10th and 15th anniversaries, we used coupon codes for 10%...
  6. Uwe

    Where were you 50 years ago this weekend?

    This is obviously a question for the old farts like me, the ones who saw this live on TV: It's one of those moments that almost everyone who experienced it remembers exactly where they were. My Uncle and I were camping here on the northwest shore of Lac de Neuchâtel / Neuenburgersee in...
  7. Uwe


    Our Czech distributor (AutoComSoft s.r.o.) has long had a database of diagnostic procedures. Originally, this was a PC program that could be launched from within their version of VCDS, but it moved to the web a while back. Now it exists in several languages (Czech, English, German, Polish...
  8. Uwe

    Your Car Knows When You Gain Weight

    Opinion piece in the NYT by Bill Hanvey, President and CEO of the Auto Care Association: Your Car Knows When You Gain Weight Personally, I think he's exaggerating a bit. How exactly is the car supposed to know when the driver has gained weight? It may be able to measure the front-seat...
  9. Uwe

    LED Strip on Front Doors, NAR Mk.7 Golf R

    I don't drive this car a whole lot, but every time I drive this car at night, these lights make me crazy. I find the blue light in my peripheral vision quite distracting and annoying, especially on the passenger side shown in this pic: Does anyone know how to shut these things off...
  10. Uwe

    Markets / Economy

    What an ugly yield curve: It's not inverted, but it has a wonky hump in it. I don't like it.
  11. Uwe

    Rodents: They don't just chew wires anymore

    So Mike's 2006 A3 (my former fun car) has had a fuel stink about it for quite some time. It started when he spilled some fuel from a gas can (intended for the lawn & garden equipment) in the car at one point, but it never went away. Recently Eric noticed a damp spot under the car that also...
  12. Uwe

    Headed for Germany

    As you guys are probably aware, we're making our bi-annual appearance at the Automechanika show in Frankfurt. Some of the folks flew out yesterday, and I'm leaving this afternoon, so I probably won't be around the forum as much as I usually am in the coming week (until around the 18th of...
  13. Uwe

    My Dog Ate It!

    I'll start, on behalf of Mike's 2006 8P A3 key: And his dog: Key still starts the car. :)
  14. Uwe

    What's wrong with this picture?

    Picture riddle thread. I'll start:
  15. Uwe

    Free to a Good Home -- Bentley Repair Manual DVDs

    We have some old Bentley repair manual DVDs still in our storeroom. We stopped selling these some years ago when Bentley refused to update them to make them compatible with newer versions of Windows, which generated too many customer complaints. They work best under XP, and I've heard they...
  16. Uwe

    HEX-NET or HEX-V2 Firmware Update Failed?

    No, chances are it's not "bricked". Here's what you need to do: 1) Unplug your interface from all sources of power. If it's plugged into a computer, unplug the USB cable from the computer. If the other end is plugged into a car, pull the interface out of the car's OBD-II port. Let it...
  17. Uwe

    U.S. Copyright Office Agrees to Extending DMCA Vehicle Repair Exemption

    More: -Uwe-
  18. Uwe

    Bargain Battery Charger

    For $89, I'm pretty pleased: It's keeping the 7P T'reg right around 13.5V with the ignition on. FWIW, I'm monitoring Vbat and Vign using VCDS-Mobile in a browser screen while scanning the car using VCDS via WiFi. Yes, the HEX-NET can do both at the...
  19. Uwe

    Learn how to use VCDS (video)

    From Charles ("The Humble Mechanic"): Go to 14:35 in if it doesn't start at the right time: Charles' channel has a lot of other good stuff too!
  20. Uwe

    Just in time for Father's Day Weekend

    VCDS Beta 17.6.0 :) -Uwe-