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    Golf 2013 1.4 Blue Motion Charge Pressure Control Actuator Mechanical Malfunction.

    Hi all , I Have a golf 2013 Replace the pressure control Actuator tried carrying out basic settings but keep being told (Aborted Due to Safety reasons) Car Drives fine But engine light is on. any help on this matter would be great. Friday,11,June,2021,18:16:57:18295 VCDS -- Windows Based...
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    2013 Golf 1.4TSI P334B

    Hi , Just come across this post. I have a 1.4tsi Golf. Engine code :CMBA Transmission code:PNA Date of Production:14.05.2013 Year:2013 I just change the Charge Pressure Actuator and now have the P334B code :i have followed the basic Settings for this and as soon as i click "GO" and depress...