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    GOLF MK 6 2009 ABS Coding (MK60EC1)

    Hello i have a golf 6 2009 2.0 tdi with lost coding for ABS control module. There are faults in the other control modules and i did not erase them .So if someone can take a look and if somehow find the right code so i can code ABS. Thanks in advance Wednesday,11,August,2021,20:34:51:47642 VCDS...
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    Basic settings lupo transmision not possible

    Hello i have hex net interface 21.3 version vcds and tried to do basic settings on transmision on vw lupo 2001 085 gearbox when i select basic settings an choose group 14 vcds says data not availble and open block diagram with numbers i have made so far thousands of basic settings with sucess...