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    Rs4 fprv

    Can any1 tell me if it would be ok to run a Rs4 Fprv on my Audi S3 8P with a stock high pressure fuel pump . Just that i have an upgraded hpfp with Apr internals and wish to return to stock .Tia
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    High pressure fuel pump

    Firstly i am in dire need off some expertise . I recently changed out my Hpfp on my S3 CDLA engine 2009 , i put stock pump back in but the Internals where upgraded to Autotech internals and now car seems to stuuter alot when i try to go over 60mph and it seems as if car is getting starved off...
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    I have a friend qho is looking for his orginal coding but he never did an autoscan to start with ( Novice + silly boy ) is there anyway he can find it in any off the vcds sub folders thanks .
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    Car scanning

    i have an unlimited hex V2 cable and wondered if i am allowed to ask for help / advice if it is someones else car that i have problems with as it would be there Autoscans that would be posted . Thanks
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    Laptop drains battery

    i have an S3 8p 2010 model with BCM pq35 and everytime i connect Vcds it seems to drain my battery anybody know any reason for this .thanks
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    i have recently paid to transfer and upgrade a 2nd hand cable and now it has been upgrade to Pro but not registered in my name . I have tried to register it using vcds but it doesn't allow me too any advice on how to sort this out thanks in advance
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    Bose wire colour

    i have retrofitted a Rns-e into my 8p s3 ( original HU was Audi symphony 6cd changer build in ) and i had to remove some ground wires which where just a mess , so i coupled them all together and soldered them back to which i think was main ground ( brown wire ) but for the love off me i cant...
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    i have a BCM module in my 2009 S3 8P audi and i have noticed 2 different numbers in the extra part and i am a bit concerned as 1 looks like Audi number and the other looks like VW number and has it saying backup. My concern arose qhen i went into 09 mod and the next thing Vcd's wanted to stop...
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    IE 11

    i seem to be having problems with the new vcds update 20.4 . When i try to access forum through About Vcds in app it doesn't come up ,IE 11 says not connected, have tried on 2 laptops but still same problem .even having same problem when trying to Access site from IE 11 address bar , but funnily...
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    Code 00003 abs

    I recently had this fault appear on my S3 8p 2009 reg car and looked it up and found within ross-tech how i could correct this code , so i followed the tuturial on youtube ( ross-tech ) explaining what i was suppose to and have since done it but what i have found are my brakes are very...
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    Door lock

    I have 2 genuine keys for my S3 8p 2009 but 1 key allows me to lock / unlock doors when inserted in door , but the other doesn't allow me to lock / unlock doors but both allow locking / unlocking on fob , now i thought it could be the door lock but why would 1 key be allowed to lock / unlock...
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    Misfire #2/ intermittent misfires

    ( Audi S3 8P TFSI 2010 Model ) I have recently within the last 12days noticed my car was feeling a bit under power , and the exhaust was given out some funny noises . So I used my cable to do a lot off auto scans over a period off time and have found out I have misfire cylinder #2 and just...
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    Changing directory

    I have recently reinstalled 19.6.1 Vcd's into my win 7 computer in drive C ,but now I have got 2 folders 1 Vcd's + 1 Ross-tech with the same info and I was wondering can I delete one off these , 2nd question similar topic can I change the directory to where my auto scan automatically get saved...
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    Hi guys i have searched up and down on every forum available but found alot of questions but no real answer. I want to know whether it is possible to swop out my preface 2008 S3's entire diff with gen2 haldex for gen4 haldex with diff from a facelift 2010
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    No signal / communication

    As title says could anyone tell me what this would mean if it comes up on a fault .
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    How to delete a post

    used site search button all I got was posts with what I guess will be the word deleting in them so can anyone point me in the right direction please cheers in advance
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    Coding new modules

    I recently fitted Auto folding mirrors to my 59 S3 , now i have used the correct modules ending in 801p +802p , and the mirrors seem to work fine other than when i lock my doors they don't fold in or unlock they don't fold out . My are problem is my door looms dont seem to work now either , as i...
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    I recently bought a hex v2 with 3vin and it is registered under my name , now i have been offered a ( Genuine VCDS HEX CAN USB. Version 1-Unlimited VIN .) And wondered if i would need to pay anything to have this cable too registered in my name .
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    Door Modules

    I have wing mirrors that the mirror can go outward and inward , up and down using the mirror thumb switch but what i would like to know would i be able to upgrade to auto folding wing mirrors by using key fob. Now after doing some checking with part numbers i notice the 2011 A3 has a Door Module...
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    I havs hex v2 3 vin and would like to know if i can upgrade to 10 or unlimited