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    Golf 5 2008 Immo Issues

    Greetings, I have an Golf 5 2008, 1.9 TDI, and it seems that since I get it from the previous owner I had a ton of issues with it, I fixed most of them but still few remained . The issue on the contact , I have no idea what it is, I opened the contact, clean it , see if there is any issue...
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    VW Tiguan 2017 SEL Middle East - Europe Map Install

    Hello guys, I got my car from middle east and today it just reached home to Europe, I tried to get the map download from VW website, put the uSD in the car and got a notification that there is a Map update available, then I went to Navigation and Info, then tried to update from SD Card but...
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    VCDS Check for update always throws -4 error

    Hello Guys, So I updated the VCDS , I tried Beta, Release , local internet, vpn , other county as well, I always get "VCDS was not able to reach the server (error code : -4) " any idea how I can have this fixed ? I don't mind to always go to the website and get the newest version and then...
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    VW Tiguan 2017 Transport mode for sea shipment, yes or no

    Hello guys, So I will soon send my car back to my country and I know VW has a function called Transport mode but I read on the internet that on some models you can activate that but it will be more hard if not impossible to deactivate that once the car arrives. Shortly , the car will be on...
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    Hex-Net unusable on my car

    Hello guys, I just got my Hex-Net pro version and after the first scan I cannot use it at all, most of the installed modules are not accessible and one some like instruments and CAN Gateway it asks me to select model and so on . On any module that I go not even the standard basic tests are...