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    O2 and FT

    Hey guys, I’m not sure if this is the correct spot but it seemed the most fitting. Have a ‘12 C7 A6, 3.0t with a HEX cable/UDS so I’m using advanced measuring. All the videos and posts I find are just using measuring blocks and with all the options for the things I need to log, it’s getting a...
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    Just another A6 3.0T O2 sensor thread (graphs and videos!!)

    Hey guys, Coming from the 2j/standalone platform so please have some patience lol... I'm trying to help my father out with his '12 A6, 3.0T. Its got downpipes, an upper pulley and a stage 2 GIAC tune. It began with slow response O2 sensor codes and cat efficiency codes. All O2's were changed...