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    2016 mk4 caddy cruise control retro fit

    Hi Team. Tried installing Cruise control in my 2016 Caddy today however, I am unable to get it to work Cruise control P/N 5K0953502M Clock spring P/N 5K0953569 BF i WAS UNABLE TO DISPLAY THE CRUISE CONTROL - ERROR CHANNEL NOT AVAILABLE I did ensure the cruise control stalk was selected. In...
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    Good Morning Team. Firstly, my account says Pirate, however now have the OEM VCDS. My car, 2017 PE1 GTI with blind spot monitoring. It failed a few years back (previous owner). I have installed a new MASTER UNIT in the RH Rear of the car as that was the issue as the unit had failed. Now, I get...
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    Folding Mirrors and Unlock lights

    Good Day I have a 2007 Golf GTI Two issues:banghead: My folding mirrors do not work. The heater function works. But they will not fold. (I have tried two OEM switches with no success. They do work with the output test though). I do not have memory seats either. Secondly, when I unlock...