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  1. Uwe

    2005 Audi A8l Ignition lock/switch red warning light?

    Did you try clearing faults in the 05 - Acc/Start Auth module? -Uwe-
  2. Uwe

    General Corona Virus Discussion

    Whereas in this forum, the moderator made the number a link. Thing is, just because something exists in the form of a patent doesn't mean it has actually been implemented in the real world. -Uwe-
  3. Uwe

    Do you need to adapt a car to a new new battery monitor unit when replacing one?

    Please post an Auto-Scan so we can see what this car is made of. -Uwe-
  4. Uwe

    2010 VW GTI AirBag and ABS Faults...and a couple other questions

    Probably not, but you explicitly asked me how to fix it. ;) I see bulb errors and TMPS faults, and the reasons for them are understood at this point. I also still see an "Incorrectly Coded" fault in the Gateway, but this is flagged "Intermittent" and should be clearable now. -Uwe-
  5. Uwe

    Audi 2020 E-Tron with VCD Hex-V2 -- trying to locate how to increase lane shift "comfort signal" to 5.

    Some VAG cars have such a channel, and some do not. E.g. I've never found it in our 2015 Touareg. -Uwe-
  6. Uwe


    What was the original part number? The letters on the end are very important! Since you "have been using vcds for very long time", can you please show us a scan from before the ABS swap? -Uwe-
  7. Uwe

    TPMS delete for 2017 Audi A4 Avant - long coding error

    Why? And is TPMS not a required safety feature in the UK market on a car this new? As you can see from the scan, your old HEX+CAN cable (from 2009!) isn't fully compatible with this car. -Uwe-
  8. Uwe

    Hilton Head Help!

    Wait, you're a verified VCDS user, meaning you have VCDS. Have you never heard the advice: "VCDS -- don't leave home without it!" :D -Uwe-
  9. Uwe

    Firmware update problems Hex net windows 10

    To be clear, are you doing it like this? -Uwe-
  10. Uwe

    Cooling system problem - possibly the sensor?

    No, but I know where one would find that information: -Uwe-
  11. Uwe

    2010 VW GTI AirBag and ABS Faults...and a couple other questions

    Well that explains why 65-Tire Pressure had been un-checked in the Gateway installation list, but since the module is still present in the car, and the Gateway sees that, it will inevitably complain that it is incorrectly coded. Things look much happier now. -Uwe-
  12. Uwe

    Intake , compression, power, exhaust (visual in Real time) !

    That video deserves an embed: -Uwe-
  13. Uwe

    (6A - VW Up Brazil (2014 >)) RSI Reset

    I can't either. The cluster certainly has the relevant Adaptation channels. Please explain why you think you cannot change them? -Uwe-
  14. Uwe

    2021 VW ID.4 1st Edition 77kW (USA spec)

    And no messages in between? Such as "No ROD file" or something like that? -Uwe-
  15. Uwe

    Seat Ibiza 6J long coding ABS 8.2i lost

    Since this is a Coding question, it does not belong in General VW/Audi Repair. Moving to New Users. If you would Get Verified, we could put this in Car Repair Support. Since you were "doing tests", do you not have a scan from before you swapped in a new cluster? Hint: Check your Scans...
  16. Uwe

    2021 VW ID.4 1st Edition 77kW (USA spec)

    I don't think that was actually necessary, but without a more detailed, blow-by-blow description of what you did, I'm not going to speculate why you think it was. Yes, it is. -Uwe-
  17. Uwe

    ... it was funny to me....

  18. Uwe

    Skoda Yeti 2011 2.0 TDI ABS Longcode

    No, I don't think he will be able to do that. ;) Getting help in this forum requires the use of a legitimate version of VCDS, not a clone/pirate copy. They are available directly from us: ... Or from any of our authorized resellers...
  19. Uwe

    Advice on weaponry

    I look at it this way: Did he point that gun at a person? - Yes he did. Did he pull the trigger while it was pointed at a person? - Yes he did. He is therefore guilty of negligent homicide. Full stop. No excuses that it was the armorer's fault. That fact that he claims he believed it...
  20. Uwe

    No ASAM data found locally.

    What module(s) are you getting it on, and on what car? Given that your HEX-NET is seven years old, you may want to clear the ROD data set entirely, let VCDS-Mobile do an Auto-Scan (which won't won't find any RODs at all) and then do another update. -Uwe-