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  1. iichel

    2020 VW Up! 1.0 MPI CHY

    Nice car. Fitted cruise control, but no coding info available for this engine ECU. byte 5 bit 5 was the coding for the BCM Car came with: Radio no satnav TRIP computer manual gearbox LED DRL Automatic lights City emergency braking TPMS Wednesday,15,September,2021,15:11:41:11868 VCDS --...
  2. iichel

    03L 906 023 KE (PCR2.1 CAYC + DSG + Beetle 5C) no label

    Hey guys, I noticed that said ECU (03L 906 023 KE) does not have a label for the coding. Adaptation, basic setting, DTC etc works just fine. But coding has no lbl file. Confirmed that it does behave the same as all other CAY engines. Could you add a lbl file for this please (or the ECU number...
  3. iichel

    2009 (MY 2010) Seat Ibiza 6J 1.2 MPI - 3 doors

    For future reference for i.e. ABS8.2 research Not a very highly equipped car, but a proud owner and a joy to work on. He's taking it to Spain next week (1500km trip) for holidays. Tuesday,24,August,2021,20:31:10:11868 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x64(VMWare) VCDS...
  4. iichel

    VW Polo 6R 1.6 TDI CAYC - P2563 - cannot adapt turbocharger

    The turbocharger was replaced and the correlation between N75 opening/closing and turbocharger position arm is out of order. Boost is about 300mbar too high at certain points and the car rightfully complaints about overboost and goes into limp home mode. Tried to adapt the turbocharger via 0x01...
  5. iichel

    "Help, my ABS coding is lost, what to do?" - a starters guide

    Welcome and sorry to hear your ABS coding has been lost. Don't worry, you'll get it back. But first, there are some basic steps I need you to follow, to determine how to proceed. DO NOT ASK FOR ABS CODING HELP IN THIS THREAD. START A NEW THREAD FOR YOUR CAR. Now, the ABS coding on recent...
  6. iichel

    Polo 6R 1.2 TSI CBZ unable to adapt turbocharger

    Car has had its turbocharger replaced but am unable to perform adaptation; car will go into limp home mode, complaining about a malfunction in the turbocharger pressure actuator. 0x01 -> SA -> Basic settings -> initialisation of charge pressure actuator shows 'aborted for safety reasons' with...
  7. iichel

    03P (CFWA) radiator fan control unit J293 coding discovered

    Dear all, I have made a discovery, using some trial-and-error and confirmed: Address 01: Engine (J000-CFWA) Labels:. 03P-906-021-CFW.clb Part No SW: 03P 906 021 B HW: 03P 907 425 Component: R3 1.2l TDI H06 9980 Revision: 12005001 Serial number...
  8. iichel

    Retrofitting MK60EC1 in frankencar VW Polo 6R / VW Golf mk6 1.6 TDI CAYC DSG

    So I'm fitting parts where they don't belong. Again. In this case it's a Polo 6R which comes with a Bosch ESP8.2i from factory. Being fitted is a TRW MK60EC1 from the PQ35 platform. The link is that the MK60CE1 was definitely fitted to PQ25, for example, the Beetle 5C and the Jetta had this ABS...
  9. iichel

    VCDS 21.3 not talking to PQ25 electrohydraulic power steering

    This is a customers GTI, I just tried to program. The power steering ECU on address 44 is behaving a bit strange, it cannot be accessed properly and no coding is available. Sunday,07,March,2021,13:40:30:11868 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64(VMWare) VCDS...
  10. iichel

    2011 VW Polo 1.6 TDI CAYB - P246E EGT sensor B1S4

    Car in question is going up for sale, so best to sell it with the MIL off. P246E - EGT sensor bank 1 sensor 4. Narrowed it down to a single sensor, the sensor after the DPF, both by logic, ETKA and wiring diagram. Logic: bank 1 (lol), sensor 4 is the last sensor. So after TC, after CC, after...
  11. iichel

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas dear Ross Tech friends
  12. iichel

    Golf 6 (1k0) LED licence plate lights

    Hello guys, just had a friend here who was looking to code his LED licence plate lights (OEM 1K8 units) on his 1K0 chassis golf mk6. No luck with coding the BCM (2 bits; to LED licence plate by PWM on/off and cold diagnostics licence plate lights on/off) Swapped them with my own from my Polo...
  13. iichel

    2018 VW Up 1.0 CNG CGPA

    Friday,20,November,2020,14:21:14:11868 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64(VMWare) VCDS Version (x64) HEX-V2 CB: 0.4513.4 Data version: 20200730 DS317.0 Workshop Code: 123 31889 005683 VIN: WVWZZZAAZKD148664 License Plate: Mileage...
  14. iichel

    Copy pasting long codes

    Hi all, I've noticed a few difficulties from users when they are copy-pasting a long coding from the forum to the VCDS. After they type the coding manually, it...
  15. iichel

    U0140 No comms with BCM after MFSW install - Polo 6C

    I have a customer here with a VW Polo 6C. The car was a bit of a mess (car came with RLHS + dimming mirror from factory but was missing). Installed a OEM MFSW on the car from Polo 6C and wired according to ELSA diagram. The MFSW works perfectly fine. When the MFSW is fit, the engine gives a DTC...
  16. iichel

    Bought a car, can't find the OBD2 socket

    Can anyone help me out? Just bought a second hand car and looking to do some VCDS tweaks but I cannot find the OBD2 port to plug in my VCDS. Any ideas?
  17. iichel

    Retrofitting a 1.6 TDI DSG engine to a 1.2 TDI manual Polo 6R

    Hello guys, I need some advice. The big question is, what ECU to take. The donor car: Polo 6R 1.6 TDI 2011 - Engine CAYB - Gearbox DSG7 DQ200 MPT - No start/stop system The recipient: - Polo 6R 1.2 TDI 2011 - Engine CFWA - Gearbox Manual 5, MQ200 MZN - Start/stop system No I'm looking to get...
  18. iichel

    How to deal with pirates via PM

    Hi guys, I wanted to share and ask for advice concerning the following: Every once in a while, people ask me here to assist with whatever problem they have with their car, mostly PQ25. That's sort of my comfort zone. This ranges from retrofits to ABS codings and assistance in other mods...
  19. iichel

    Polo 6R 1.6 TDI - crank but no fire - P006C

    So there is my distaster-Polo. It had a fuel leak at one of the injectors, the return line was damaged. Poor idle, but no MIL. Repaired the return line with new O-ring and clip. Now the engine will not start. Starter goes round, engine goes round but will not jump to life. New battery was...
  20. iichel

    I bought a new car!

    And what a disappointment it's been so far... I was a bit tired of having a 3-cylinder diesel with MT. I love the car to death but it's growing on me. So, step up. Polo 6R 1.2 TDI to Polo 6R 1.6 TDI DSG7. Transfer all the mods and profit. Things were looking good! Low mileage (170.000km /...